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Trying Out New Software

  manrow 06:17 27 Jul 2009

I am often tempted to try out new software offered on cds with computer magazines, but am concerned that they will clutter up my hard drive and maybe interfere with what I already have installed.

Is Vista any better at dealing with this than XP or do we always end up with somthing on the hard drive when we install and subsequently uninstall programmes?

  manrow 07:48 27 Jul 2009

cocteau48 Thanks for the idea of Virtual Box, I am considering that option.

mooly suggests taking an image of my hard drive; could I do this into a separate partition on the same hard drive?

  manrow 07:59 01 Aug 2009

Thanks mooly for that information. Can you give some indication how long it takes to copy the 23gb, and how long it then takes to reinstall the backup copy please?

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