Trying out netscape and mozilla.

  hatrickj 17:26 04 May 2004

A friend has been pushing me to go from the usual ie/OE to the alternatives in title. From waht I can see they are virtually clones of each other.

I have come accross a problem and can't get connected to support to see if it can be worked around. This is the situation.

My ISP has allotted a user name and password that were chosen by myself. I can have numerous email account in the form [email protected]

In OE this does not give rise to any problem but when I atempt to create additional email accounts to the default I am instructed to insert the user name the ISP has provided. Of course this is the same user name as that for the defult account. Both Netscape and Mozilla reject it as already in use and ask me to provide another, which is not possible. hasanyone similar experience or know how this problem may be overcome. If not I'm stuck with IE/OE. Or are there other browsers around as well? For any assitance thanks in advance.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:39 04 May 2004

I take it you are looking for an alternative mail client.

Try Pegasus, Calypso, Eudora or Foxmail - all will do as you want.

Alternatively, becky from - US$40 but well worth every penny.

  GaT7 17:41 04 May 2004

One of my email accounts is exactly in the format you have but as I only use OE or Outlook for emails I've never had a problem. You can continue to use the browser components of Netscape or Mozilla, but stick with OE for your emails for now. Someone may know how to get this to work in Netscape/Mozilla.

Some other well-known browser options are: Avant Browser (which is my favourite) click here, MyIE2 click here (both of which integrate well with IE), Opera click here & 550 Access Browser - click here.

  hatrickj 19:04 04 May 2004

Probably a silly question but I see that some of the options mentioned provide either a web browser or email facilities. Is there likely to be any problems such as conflicts in using separate programs as opposed to the seemingly integrated IE/OE set up?

  GaT7 19:11 04 May 2004

I've never had any problems. Just don't uninstall OE yet till your happy with the 'new' email client (or use it as a periodic 'backup' or in case your new client develops problems). NEVER uninstall IE as it's needed for important functions on your PC.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:14 04 May 2004

hatrickj - no problems at all. I have FireBFox, IE6, and Mozilla 1.5 installed as well as a variety of email clients which I tested until I settled on Becky.

  SEASHANTY 19:40 04 May 2004

Dont understand the problem. Here on NTL. Since installing Mozilla I have inputted my email password
into Mozilla and it collects my email from the NTL server using POP3 and SMTP. I only have the one email address and I can use either NTL or Mozilla. As for O.E. ?????? - it occasionally pops up when I use a website "contactus" but normally I do not use.

  woodchip 20:03 04 May 2004

Have you tried Export the e-mail and settings in OE to a file then import into Netscape Mail from the file. Mozilla and Firefox browser are development cut downs of Netscape browser

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