Trying to make my own banner

  hooligan 16:02 04 Apr 2004

click here

click just a practise page

Trying to make my own banner

I type the words and put the background on

But it only goes the size of the text

Should i do it a different way also how do i get the pic the full lengh of the banner or is that way they go. Ie multi-ply

Using NOF MX

Cheers 22:54 04 Apr 2004

or have you already altered it?

  Forum Editor 23:19 04 Apr 2004

It's a sign that you're starting to feel more at home with NetObjects Fusion. A few months ago who would have thought that you would be designing banners for your site?

You've made the discovery that all designers make - an image will be 'tiled' if you set it as a background to a text box and it isn't big enough to fill the space. What you need to do is create an image that's the same size as the space it has to fill, and you can only do this in an image editing program.

If you don't fancy splashing out on something like Ulead PhotoImpact
click here you could use a reasonably versatile little program that you already have on your computer - called 'Paint'. Why not give it a try? Here's what you do:

1. Make sure you have saved the image that you want to use( Gif or JPEG) in a location on your hard drive (My pictures by default).

2. Go to start, select all programs and then accessories. Now click on 'Paint'.

3. When Paint opens, go to file/open and navigate to the image you're going to use. Open it.

4. In NOF find out the size of the box you need to fill. Do this by clicking on it and then look at the bottom right of the window, in the grey bar, a few numbers. You're looking for something like: w:500 h:50 This tells you the width and height of the box in pixels.

5. Back in Paint, Click on 'Image' and select 'attributes'.

6. In the box that opens, make sure that the 'Units' option is set as 'pixels' (which it should be by default) and you'll see the size of the existing image above (height and width).

7. Click in the height and width boxes and alter the size to the figures you've just obtained from NOF. Click 'OK' and you'll see the image alter.

8. Now save the altered image and use it in NOF to provide the background for your box. You'll see that it fits perfectly, but if your banner is bigger tha the original image it will now be distorted and/or cropped. The trick is to find an image where this doesn't matter too much; sometimes the effect can look very good, sometimes not so good.

If you want to do something more ambitious you'll definitely need to invest in some more powerful software like PhotoImpact, but Paint is not bad - it's often completely overlooked, which is a pity.

Have a go, and see how you get on.

  inspector elf 23:41 04 Apr 2004

I will have a go i have photoimpact 8 but not any space left on comp so i will try paint till i get a new comp then use it.

Yes iam trying a few things but still dont no what half the buttons do i just press and see.

cheers fe

No not altered barry but the next size text is too big so i will do what fe said

  Forum Editor 00:42 05 Apr 2004

that's fine - but doing it in the middle of a thread is very confusing.

  monkon2 21:42 10 Apr 2004

try using macromedia flash or ulead cool 3d, both are excellent apps for this kind of thing

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