Trying to install Xandros...

  Simsy 17:48 13 Jan 2006

but having a problem getting started...

New build from a combination of new and old bits...

Athlon 1.1Gig, 256M RAM, 40Gig HDD, 15" CRT monitor

The HDD is New.

Got the PC assembled. Using Partition Magic, run from floppy discs, partitioned the HDD, 2 x 5 Gig primary partitions,(Expecting to dual boot), and one extended, split into 2 equal halves. All formatted FAT32...

I'm wondering if that is where the problem is...

I boot from the Xandros CD, and it boots up, gooes through some, "Finding this, reading this, checking this, reading CD", type stuff and eventually get nowhere.. which a message on screen, (in a moving red/blue box), "Sync. Out of Range"

I've no idea what this refers to?

Have I done right with the peparatory formatting?

I have a gut feeling that deleting the first partition will solve this, allowing the Xandros CD to find it and format, but I don't want to delete if I dont have to as it took a while to do. So I'm seeking some confirmation. Is it forthcoming?

Thanks in anticipation,



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:08 13 Jan 2006

You will see this on an otherwise blank screen. Assuming that the data cable is plugged in correctly, the video card is feeding the monitor a signal stream in excess of what the monitor can accommodate. The two main causes for this are that the user has set either the resolution or the vertical frequency rate too high. For example, you might set a new graphics card to display at 1280 x 1024, but if the monitor is only capable of 1024 x 768 resolution, you’ll get a Sync Out of Range error. This is especially common in 14-inch monitors.

In windows you would reset this by going to safe mode. Not sure with Xandros.

  Simsy 18:26 13 Jan 2006

I thought it might be a minitor problem... that work "Sync"... but it didn't quite ring true as while booting it was using the monitor happily, even displaying a gentle graphic...

It's an old 15" that has been running win98 at 800x600 ok, at, I think, 72 Hz...

Anyway I'm havind another go...

I chose "Troubleshooting" at the early stage of installation, and picked "256 colours", and thats got me going.




  Simsy 18:28 13 Jan 2006

folk who find this by searching, I Needen't have bothered with the formatting/Patitioning... the Xandros setup would have taken care of it!



  woodchip 18:32 13 Jan 2006

You do not need to partition drives for Linux the OS does it all for you just remove partitions, unless you want one for windows then just leave free space, and start with Linux CD it should see free space and set it all up for you

  Simsy 18:33 13 Jan 2006

too slow there woodchip!

But thanks anyway!



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