Trying to install Wireless Intellimouse explorer 2

  wishtobwireless 09:54 28 Aug 2008

I have installed the software, updated the driver, been through troubleshooting and still cannot get the system to SEE this mouse! It works fine at home on my laptop but just brought into work to use... have been in control panel but cannot find anything wrong there either. I have tried with & without old mouse etc. Batteries are new boo... Pls can you help

  Technotiger 10:26 28 Aug 2008

Assuming it is USB, try a different USB port - or, if it is not USB use an adapter to make it USB.

  wishtobwireless 10:46 28 Aug 2008

It is supposed to be wireless! Why would I need a USB adaptor or am I missing something, sorry to be so dense...

  jimv7 10:50 28 Aug 2008

If the mouse is the transmitter, them you have to have a reciever, if there is not a wireless card in the computer, then you will need a reciever likely to be mouse sized and connects to a usb port.

  wishtobwireless 11:10 28 Aug 2008

The complete system is set up for wireless etc. The printer is wireless, and broadband and the second PC etc... Do I need a separate card for the mouse then?

  wishtobwireless 13:01 28 Aug 2008

Pls help!

  Technotiger 13:07 28 Aug 2008

A wireless mouse must have a transmitter connected to the PC in order for it to work. The transmitter (usually a usb dongle) and the mouse itself, usually have a switch on each, which can be used to change channel in order to avoid conflicting with other wireless items. There is usually the choice of channels 1 or 2. Both the transmitter and the mouse should be set to the same channel. 1 - 1 or 2 - 2.

  Technotiger 13:08 28 Aug 2008

For more detailed explanation, please tell us the exact make and model of the Wireless Mouse.

  wishtobwireless 13:52 28 Aug 2008

Just nipping home to find the other bit! I'm blonde see...(well nearly)

  Technotiger 13:54 28 Aug 2008

That's alright - I'm bald see ... (well nearly)

  wishtobwireless 07:53 29 Aug 2008

and still it will not work! There doesn't seem to be anywhere where I can change the channel? The model is Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse Explorer 2.0... There is a little connect button which I have now pressed many times. I have closed the system down a few times but it will only recognise the old mouse! do you have any more ideas pls?

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