trying to install system mechanic7pro-wont restart

  dianadawn 19:43 16 Feb 2007

I've been trying for the past 18 hours to install system mechanic 7 pro-when i get to the part that says i just need to restart my computer to be successfully installed,i click on yes-restart now,its sounds like its gonna,then doesnt.So i click on the start button,click "turn off comp",restart and nothing happens-i repeat the process except click on turn off comp.and again nothing. But i can click on anything else and takes me right there

  lotvic 00:58 17 Feb 2007

given that you have had problems (see other thread fellow forum members for info) click here
I would suggest that you try and see if you have any restore points to before all this happened.

Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore > green dot in 'Restore my computer to an earlier time' > click on 'Next'
In the calendar that then appears the days that are in heavy bold type are the ones that you can restore to. > Follow the on screen instructions or post back in this thread with the dates available and ask for more help.

  ArrGee 01:40 17 Feb 2007

I have used System Mechanic, and found many problems with it.

Use this instead (free): click here

  dianadawn 08:49 17 Feb 2007

I gave up on system mechanic and downloaded AVG free anti-virus....i also have ccleaner. should i also get a-squared and/or blacklight?Now my pc is running REALLY slow,like the dial-up days and theres a noise,coming from the hard drive i think,that gets louder when it is "working"..and did i mention how incredibly SLOW its running now...?!

  dianadawn 09:28 17 Feb 2007

and I just ran system restore AGAIN like you all keep telling me to do (in the other forum also) and no matter what date i pick, it goes through the process and restarts, then a box comes up and says could not restore. the dates all the way back to the first of the month are bold except the twelfth but none seem towork

  lotvic 15:46 17 Feb 2007

Sorry that you did not find a restore point that was any use to you, it's one of those things that you just have to keep trying each date in turn (yeah it's a pain...)

noisy hard drive, could be on its way to failing. Now is the time to take a copy of all your data (documents etc) on to a flash drive (pen drive) if you have one or burn to cd/dvd.

Slow running pc. There could be many reasons for this including memory (ram) failing or even worked loose and needs to be taken out and reseated, overheating due to a fan not working, hard drive failing, virus etc. more details needed, e.g. is it, slow to boot up, and/or programs take a long time to load etc. Are there any particular symtoms?
Sometimes just checking all the cables inside and out are firmly plugged in and cleaning the fans and dust out of the inside of the pc works.

  dianadawn 18:33 17 Feb 2007

i got the hard drive less than 6 months ago...and i put it in myself(i was so proud) seemed to run fine until a few weeks ago-started slowing down quite a bit.also i dont know if this makes any difference but for xmas my 3 kids each got different brands of mp3 players so 3 different programs and a mini digital camera program have all been added.could i have possibly not put the hard drive in correctly?

  lotvic 20:55 17 Feb 2007

If the harddrive has been working ok then you must have installed it properly (I remember the first one I fitted - it was scary... :) but I was well pleased with myself!

Just because harddrive is only 6 months old does not mean it is not failing/faulty. If it is making abnormal noises I would suggest you test it. First though, I would make a backup copy of any data you want to keep.
The harddrive will be under warrenty and you can get it replaced (I have just received my replacement for one that 'went wonky' :) )

What make and model is it? There will be a little program on the manufacturers website that you can download and run to test the harddrive for faults. Depending on the size of your harddrive it will take a long time to run the tests (all night and day)

Software programs installed - yes it is possible that these are 'slowing things down' if you have too many running in the background, the pc will be trying to do too much all at the same time. You will have to look in Taskmanager to see how many applications and processes are running.

What are the specs of your pc? Make, model, CPU, how much ram etc.

  lotvic 21:08 17 Feb 2007

click here link to new thread.

dianadawn please mark this resolved to close this thread as it is confusing to have two on the same subject. (programs won't finish install)

  Technotiger 22:00 17 Feb 2007

To try a repair of System Restore ...

click here

  dianadawn 23:22 17 Feb 2007

its a seagate barracuda 200GB i went to the web site and they said no info was available--I know it came with "bounceback express" software from CMS....if i can find the disk!Going to work now,back later--this is my first time on a forum-i've learned alot-thanks all!(for your patience especially)

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