trying to install pre Windows XP software problem

  termc 20:51 29 Mar 2003

I would be grateful for help with this as I need these programs for my daughter's birthday

I installed Dorling Kindersley's Space and Universe (c) 1996 & Castle Explorer.
When I tried to run them, a dialogue box appeared for both saying:
"[1058] the sound decompression software has not been installed properley please run set up and try again"

I found the following in the 'read me'... with the solution offered below:

I tried the advice but I had to go through 'sounds and audio' properties rather than 'multimedia'. I then looked in hardware/audio codecs/properties and they all had the 'use this audio codec' ticked. So I could not solve the problem!

Any advice would be appreciated

N.B. I've tried to find DK but their website is closed.

This was the readme advice
4.2 Sound-decompression drivers

If you encounter the following error message regarding your sound software, do not worry.
"The sound software is not installed properly or has been disabled. For more information see the README file installed
with this program. This title will now terminate."
Windows 95 users:
1. From the Start menu, select Settings, and then Control Panel.
2. From the Control Panel, double-click on the Multimedia icon.
The Multimedia Properties dialog box should appear.
3. Click on the Advanced tab, then click on the + sign to the right of Audio Compression Codecs.
4. Double-click on the first Codec in the list. The Properties dialog
box for that Codec should appear.
5. Make sure that "Use this audio codec" is selected. If it is not, then you should click on the words "Use this audio codec" to select it. You MUST now click the Apply button.
6. Follow the above instructions for each audio codec in the list.
7. Now reinstall Eyewitness Space.
8. Make sure you restart your computer before attempting to run Eyewitness Space again.

  overseers 21:15 29 Mar 2003

i have a similar problem with another DK software
with my son pc on win XP and the only way to resolve this eventually was to download a patch from DK's website to clear the problem. So the only thing i can suggest is to keep trying til
you can get thro to DK's website and download the appropriate patch from them.

  sheila.weston 21:58 29 Mar 2003

This is a very tentative suggestion, so take care. I am having big problems installing an Epson scanner and have been sent to click here site to look for a patch called Q104986.

This MIGHT be worth looking at, but may not be relevant.

I understand, also, that there is an installation 'bug' problem with XP's service pack 1 and I was told to download a patch from the microsoft site, but am not sure what it was called! Anyhow, it MIGHT be worth doing a search on their site for 'installation problems'.

I should add that I still haven't got the scanner working properly yet - the other day it wasn't working atall. Now it is partly working with some of the functions.

Good Luck!

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