trying to install internet connection

  losmil 13:33 03 Aug 2010

have just purchased a new authentic xp home to install on my new desktop using outlook express to install an internet connection, connection failed and after exhausting checks of my settings with my isp they conclude that the fault lies with outlook express (and this time I believe them)
I contacted microsoft but they refused technical help unless I paid £46 on top of the £70 I paid microsoft for the os disk!
Can anyone suggest how i can get mozilla firefox and thunderbird onto my new computer without using outlook express?
I have access another computer that does work,some way of copying over perhaps?

  birdface 13:57 03 Aug 2010

Do you mean Internet Explorer.

  losmil 14:04 03 Aug 2010

internet explored does not work either just says unavailable and suggests various things to try, none of which work, so i tried outlook express

  birdface 14:53 03 Aug 2010

Try .Control Panel.Internet options.Programs.
make sure Internet Explorer is the default web browser.Apply ok.
Is your connection by wireless or ethernet.And what ISP are you using.
Is there anything on your computer that actually connects to the Internet.
Maybe look into device manager to see if any yellow exclamation marks beside any of your programs.

  tullie 15:22 03 Aug 2010

Im confused,Outlook Express is an email client,nothing to do with finding your internet connection,you have also got two threads running.

  birdface 17:32 03 Aug 2010

Maybe run the fix it on this and see if that works.

click here

  DieSse 17:41 03 Aug 2010

Assuming you're using an Ethernet (LAN) connection to an ADSL router.

After loading XP, have you installed the drivers from the motherboard utility CD. Theses will probably be needed to make the Ethernet port work. Without that you won't be able to connect.

  losmil 20:09 03 Aug 2010

than you ds, I am an idiot, got carried away and forgot to load the mb drivers, problem solved and than you the lads/lasses that contributed useful suggestions

  tullie 20:35 03 Aug 2010

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