Trying to install "guest" laptop onto BT Home Hub

  Griffon 20:48 02 Feb 2010

Hello - I'm trying to connect a laptop wirelessly as a "guest" to a BT HomeHub wireless router at a friend's house. I use the lap top at home connected to a virgin media wireless router.

The laptop just doesn't want to know. I've gone through the manual set up. I know the BT wireless network name and wireless key.

My lap top can "see" the BThomehub router.

I've even tried installing the home hub software on the laptop. Still no joy. It says it can't find a wireless network with that name. Yep, I've checked and it definitely is that name.

Any ideas?

  tullie 20:53 02 Feb 2010

Have you initially connected wired?

  Griffon 21:32 02 Feb 2010

No. But since started I have connected wired - that's how I'm posting this.

  mgmcc 22:18 02 Feb 2010

>>> My lap top can "see" the BThomehub router.

...and then...

>>> It says it can't find a wireless network with that name.

So does the Wireless Network Adapter find the router or not?

What type of encryption is set up in the router and does your Laptop support it, e.g. WPA2 with AES?

  Griffon 22:40 02 Feb 2010

How can I find out? This is a new laptop - less than a year old anyway.

One thing, I can see my laptop connecting wirelessly for 15 seconds or so, then disconnecting, connecting again, disconnecting etc.

I wonder whether the virgin media wireless software is mucking things up.

  User-1229748 00:24 03 Feb 2010

i would remove your virgin profile but to find the security open network and sharing center and on the left manage wireless networks and then right click the network and select properties and then security

  Griffon 10:27 03 Feb 2010

Won't that screw up my virgin connection when I'm at home again?

Funny thing is, I've had people visit me with lap tops and it's been trivial to get them connected to my virgin media wireless. The computer just asks for the password, I tap it in and away we go.

  Griffon 10:18 05 Feb 2010

Well the problem seems to have gone away. Don't ou hate those? My laptop decided it was happy to go wireless with my friend's BT HomeHub. Hey Ho! Thanks for all suggestions. :)

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