Trying to install Adobe Flash Player but can`t

  bumpkin 21:24 28 Sep 2012

Hello,I am trying to get my daughters PC to work with BBC player which it will do but there is no sound. The sound card is working fine but the BBC site says I need Adobe Flash Player. Done this in the past easily on other PCs. On her PC for some reason halfway through the install I get the message "Please close Firefox to continue" OK but I cannot find any way of closing it other than to shutdown which puts me back to square one. I have probably missed something obvious here so can anyone help please.


  Woolwell 22:10 28 Sep 2012

If you close Firefox then the Flash installation should then continue.

  bumpkin 22:16 28 Sep 2012

Woolwell, fine so how do I close Firefox.


  tullie 22:24 28 Sep 2012

Top right,white x on red background,just like you close when on any webpage or when finished with browser.

  rdave13 22:59 28 Sep 2012

Something isn't right if FF doesn't close when needed. Try right clicking the task bar and selecting task manager. In the list select FF and click on the 'end now' tab. If you get the 'not responding pop-up' select close. See if Flash will install then. Otherwise you might need to uninstall/ install flash again using their uninstaller guide.

  bumpkin 19:38 29 Sep 2012

Ok and thanks, FF closes in Task manager, the red close button now working but it would not yesterday. Flash player says is has successfully installed. When I try to use BBC iplayer or news videos there is still no sound, tried reinstalling a few times to no avail even booted from another HDD and tried it on that but still nothing. I have tried the link from BBC and the Adobe site direct. I can only conclude that it is not the Flash Player but something else. I know the sound card is working, plays music CDs OK and I cant find anything muted anywhere. Using an external "Creative" sound system which works fine on my PC. Any other Ideas anyone?


  rdave13 19:54 29 Sep 2012

Right click sound icon and select 'mixer'. In FF run anything in BBCi player. You should see FF and others in the list. See if you can up the volume.

  bumpkin 21:22 29 Sep 2012

Hi, I can`t find an option "Mixer" in "Sounds and Audio Devices" The PC is running XP Home.


  Muergo 21:58 29 Sep 2012

There has been problems with Adobe in the past few days, make sure you have the latest update/fix installed. I had a couple of crashes but it seems to be OK now

  bumpkin 23:05 29 Sep 2012

Thanks Muergo, I will try again tomorrow.


  bumpkin 23:10 29 Sep 2012

Does anyone know of any other suitable software?

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