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Trying to get rid of subtitles!

  al shookup 17:04 29 Jun 2020

Does anyone know a simple way of removing subtitles from downloaded torrent programmes please?

  alanrwood 17:44 29 Jun 2020

It depends on whether they are hard coded into the file or not. If hard coded they cant be disabled. If they are not hard coded then you can disable subtitles in whatever Player you are using.

  al shookup 16:47 30 Jun 2020

Thanks for the advice but can you tell me in simple words what I have to do?

  alanrwood 18:11 30 Jun 2020

If They are hard coded you can't get rid of them

If they are not then you need to look at the menu options of whatever video player you are using to play the file. There is always the option yo select what subtitles are displayed or to disable sub titles.

  al shookup 20:42 30 Jun 2020

Thanks, I will give it a try.

  al shookup 16:44 02 Jul 2020

Do I find the menu options in VLC Media Player before I download a programme or after it has finished downloading? thanks

  alanrwood 18:05 02 Jul 2020

Look at VLC menu bar . There is a section called "Subtitles". If the video you download has non hard coded subtitles then you can make your choice there.

  al shookup 11:53 03 Jul 2020

Found the subtitles section and am able to remove them on my PC but when I come to view the programme on my TV the subtitles are back. Samsung say this TV I have will not remove subs even though it was an expensive model purchased only a couple of months ago.

  alanrwood 12:33 03 Jul 2020

Sorry but can't help with TV. Are you using your computer and VLC to feed the signal to the TV or using the TV itself to play the file.

  al shookup 17:00 03 Jul 2020

Using TV to play the file. Can't understand why the sub removed via PC but back when via TV.

  erickpalmer 13:50 05 Jul 2020

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