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Trying to get another comp wireless using Belkin N

  jacobjohn7 15:12 11 Jan 2010

Please could someone help out,
I have a Belkin N usb adaptor connected to a pc upstairs, my main comp is down stairs with a netgear router.
I am trying to get it connected but to no avail!
I have phoned up Belkin and so far after 40 mins on phone (Indian call centre, very laborious slow process of gathering info.)
I have done all the things suggested... setting up a wireless network, but when it comes down to it, it doesnt find the network router.
I phoned them again and he suggested changing channels on router, changed from 11 to 6 with no joy. and ideas greatly appreciated.
PS: both comps are running XP.

  mgmcc 08:01 12 Jan 2010

In the upstairs PC, when you scan for "Available Wireless Networks", does it find the SSID (network name) of your Belkin router? If so, what happens if you highlight the SSID and select the option to "Connect"?

I have a Belkin USB 802.11g adapter which I use with several PCs. In every case I have it installed with *drivers only*, i.e. *WITHOUT* the Belkin connectivity software. In XP, I then use Wireless Zero Configuration to manage the wireless networking. You may be able to do this if the drivers are in a separate folder on the Belkin CD click here

  jacobjohn7 22:53 12 Jan 2010

if I reboot the router, will it a make all the settings change., like WEP code etc... ?.
Yeah they suggested the zero config method, and I went through that procedure but still wasnt there.
last thing they said at Belkin was keep trying different channels until you see it,...
so guess this might be the next step for me, why isnt anything simple!!

  mgmcc 08:55 13 Jan 2010

>>> if I reboot the router, will it a make all the settings change., like WEP code etc... ?.

If you perform a "hard reset" back to factory default settings, your current configuration of the router will be lost.

If you "soft reset" it, which is just rebooting it by powering it off and then on again, all settings will be retained.

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