Trying to get 2 monitors to show the same....

  Tim1964 22:41 31 Mar 2006


I've figured out how to use an extra lcd monitor with my laptop to get 2 separate displays (with the mouse pointer/programs moving between the two) but what I'm trying to do is have the same display on both monitors at the same time.

Any ideas??


  hssutton 23:08 31 Mar 2006

You could try the "monitor calibration wizard" click here

It does a very good job

  Tim1964 23:22 31 Mar 2006

I've got the dvd playing on the 'other' monitor by making is almost full screen and then dragging it over but not to play on both. The term for what I'm trying to do is 'clone mode' but the links seem to suggest using 2 monitors for 2 displays using one PC.

  hssutton 23:29 31 Mar 2006

Sorry Tim, misunderstood your question

  crosstrainer 15:58 01 Apr 2006

I assume this is an Nvidia graphics card? With 2 outputs?

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