trying to fix 0xc0000185 error but cannot get PC to reboot

  Florio 16:23 23 Nov 2014

My son's laptop (with Windows 8.1) suddenly stopped working this afternoon with the 0xc0000185 error. Using my PC, I have followed the advice given on various websites (including the Microsoft site) and have downloaded a PC Repair & Optimizer Tool onto a USB drive to run and (hopefully) resolve the problem. But I cannot get my son's laptop to reboot and/or read the USB stick. I can get into the BIOS (at least I think it's the BIOS screen), but can only alter the boot order. Could someone possibly help me out here? Florio

  sunnystaines 17:17 23 Nov 2014

try f8 for safe mode if you had this tweaked when working, or try the different f numbered keys to see if one will get you to factory reset or repair.

  Bris 18:29 23 Nov 2014

Make & model of laptop please.

  Florio 18:41 23 Nov 2014

Thank you. The computer is an Acer Aspire laptop, model E1-570.

  Florio 18:52 23 Nov 2014

Just some extra info. Can't gain access to much. As I said earlier, I downloaded a file from the Microsoft site and have been trying to get the laptop to read and run it. Generally when I turn the laptop, a small message comes up saying no bootable device detected. Hit any Key. [ok]. I cannot hit any key, as the message only closes with Return. The few times I have been able to get into Boot Manager, I have found that there is nothing listed. Once I did manage to see a list of options; I chose safe mode, but nothing happened!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:17 23 Nov 2014

It can't see your HDD (SSD), it will only see the USB stick if you have made the stick bootable and not just with a file from MS.

try removing and refitting the HDD to remake the connections and retry to boot

  Bris 19:18 23 Nov 2014

If you dont have a manual you can download one here click here.

Page 35 onwards deals with recovery and seems to be specific to this laptop. It seems that access to the BIOS is extremely limited.

  Bris 19:22 23 Nov 2014

A quick search of the web suggests that this error relates to a possible hardware fault

  Florio 20:51 23 Nov 2014

Thanks once again for your help, guys.

Fruit Bat, how stupid of me! I should have remembered that I needed a bootable stick. Will is still work, even if I won't be putting an ISO file onto it? The file I actually downloaded from Microsoft as a possible fix for the problem is a 'media creation tool' and is an .exe file. F.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:09 23 Nov 2014

No it needs to be bootable

Rufus is one way

Here is 5 ways

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