Trying to find archives in Tungsten E2

  Schoo 14:51 27 Mar 2016

I've had my E2 for years and collected quite a bit of information re dates and such over those years. When updating a document in Memos, I unintentionally selected large portion of the old text and it got deleted. So I hotsynced it to the programme on my old XP (kept specifically for that purpose) expecting that it would replace the text in the handheld. But no, instead it did the reverse! In my trawlings to find out how I could remedy this tragic loss of historical information, I discovered that I had selected 'archive deleted files' but am quite unable to find out where these are.

I'm also dubious this particular file will be in there as it was overwritten, not deleted.

Guess I will just have to stop being a luddite and get into the 21stC with a mobile device!

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