Trying to find a 3D Orrery on the net?

  pj123 11:08 09 Feb 2006

I have done a Google but the results always come up 2D.

Anyone know of a 3D one please?

  SANTOS7 11:11 09 Feb 2006

click here
not sure if this is what you need but it supports 2D/3D........

  pj123 11:37 09 Feb 2006

Thanks SANTOS7, plenty of stuff there to look through.

  SANTOS7 11:38 09 Feb 2006

Telescope not included!!...

  squareye 11:57 09 Feb 2006

hi pj
Have you seen Celestia? Free ,open source astro sim by scientists, very customisable. View the planets and fly around them, all correct distances time etc.
click here
lively forum too
see u

  pj123 13:40 09 Feb 2006

Thanks squareye. Downloaded and looked at that.

I also have Astronomer for Windows, Redshift 2 and Orbits 3 but none of them do what I want.

I am looking for something like the setup they have at the Planetarium which shows the near planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars) orbiting the Sun. I would particularly like to see exactly how the Earth orbits the Sun. In 2D it just goes round in a circle.

  bluto1 13:51 09 Feb 2006

pj123, would it be worth getting in touch with someone at Joddrell Bank? They might at least be able to point you in the right direction.
Last time I saw an orrery I was wearing short trousers in school, middle of lat century.

  pj123 15:03 09 Feb 2006

I have now just emailed my local Astronomical Society to see if they have any suggestions.

Awaiting a response.

  ade.h 15:38 09 Feb 2006

I just had to get onto Wikipedia to find out what an orrery was!

I feel I ought to have known that as I do watch The Sky at Night occasionally!

  squareye 19:39 09 Feb 2006

In Celestia you can position yourself above the Sun and watch from any distance , the orbits are correct,Earth orbit isnt that elliptical I just tried it, the planets speed up etc. Some of the people on the forum work in observatories, write educational stuff and so on, there are some scripts for Celestia that take you on a tour and the like.

  pj123 10:36 11 Feb 2006

Thanks squareye. Spent a day learning how to use it.

Can't get it to do exactly what I want but it's pretty good all the same.

Will keep trying.

Will tick as resolved for now.

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