trying to copy a code to web page

  [DELETED] 19:49 31 Oct 2003

when i copy and paste it appears on the page but the image is not there just the text i pasted.i just preview the site.not publish net object fusion mx. cheers

  [DELETED] 21:50 31 Oct 2003

Use the text and graphics tools on the toolbar to tell NetObjects what it is you are trying to insert into your page.

A straight copy and paste can sometimes work in NOF, but using the text tool or the image tool always works.

  Forum Editor 23:36 31 Oct 2003

isn't a good way of inserting images into your site. You need to use the picture insert tool - click the icon on the toolbar at the left of your screen. Then click on the page where you want the image to appear and NOF will open a dialogue box so you can navigate to the image's location. Click on the image that you want, and NOF will import a copy of it to your web - then it will display properly in preview mode.

  [DELETED] 12:27 01 Nov 2003

a little box with join this group put your email in.ive tried to press text then paste does not work tried to press image but it coes up with a box with incert from says its a graphic.but does not support it as it may be wrong

  Forum Editor 14:34 01 Nov 2003

that you want to insert, you'll need to use the HTML tool that's towards the bottom of the vertical toolbar. It looks like this:


and is normally greyed out. To activate it,
use the text box tool to draw a box (click on the 'A' at top left of the toolbar.

If you then look towards the bottom of the toolbar you'll see that the HTML tool has gone 'live', and you can click on it. You'll get a dialogue box, and you can paste your HTML code into it.

Now when you use the preview mode you should see the code working.

  [DELETED] 20:51 01 Nov 2003

One more thing make it sound so easy how do you rembember all this codes and stuff.

  [DELETED] 21:23 01 Nov 2003

Lots and lots of practice...

That's how people remember how its done.

Everything gets easier once you've done it a few times.

The problem with web designing software these days is it allows you to run before you've learned how to walk in some cases.

There are so many features and bells and whistles you can become hopelessly lost very quickly.

The thing to remember is that everyone starts somewhere and once you've done things a few times you'll get better and start to remember how things work.

You've asked a lot of questions on all kinds of things to do with a website. If you get the hang of just some of the topics you've asked about you can build on those skills and that's when things will start to click.

How would it be if you were trying to learn a new language ?

Effectively, that's what you're trying to do in wrestling with your first site(s).

Stay with it. It does get easier as time goes on.


  [DELETED] 23:20 01 Nov 2003

still cant do english let alone a new language.
were i wrong wrong in the first place was trying the site wizard.Not the blank site like you said.i like pictures to follow not to much writing haha

  Forum Editor 00:20 02 Nov 2003

at web design, as Taran has said. It isn't something that you learn in five minutes - no matter what you might be lead to believe by some software advertisements. I've spent a large part of the past 30 years or so working with computers of one kind or another, so I was bound to pick up something along the way.

Understanding software is, to some extent like riding a bike - you wobble about all over the place to begin with, and you think you'll never get the hang of it. Then, suddenly something seems to click, and for the rest of your life you can ride any bike you're given. Once you get to the stage where you're throughly familiar with one web design package you find that you can do a reasonable job with most of them - there are conventions and technologies that are common to all web sites and almost all software packages - and it becomes a lot easier.

It can take a while to get to that happy stage however, and some people find it much easier than others. My initiation as far as computing goes was back in the early 70's when my company acquired a huge IBM mainframe computer. It was decided that the thing would be run by staff from within the company, and applications were invited from interested personnel. We were told then that to succeed in computing you needed to be able to think in a certain way, and we were given all kinds of weird tests to do. I have no idea how I managed to scrape through, but I did, and found myself wearing a white coat, and striding around inside an air-conditioned glass sided room, feeling very full of myself but knowing abolutely nothing about the monster that hummed away in the middle of the space.

Gradually (very gradually) it all started to make sense, and I set off on the learning curve that I'm still on today. What you know above all else when you work with computers and computer software is that you'll never quite catch up. As soon as you think you have it taped along comes some new technology, or a revolutionary software application, and off you go again.

Keep at it, is my advice - you'll find it getting easier as time goes by.

  [DELETED] 00:39 02 Nov 2003

And the people in it.I was a pest in the liberay asking question to them all the time.They get a rest now ive found this site haha.I used to think comps were for trainspotters till i went on one and was amazed at what you can we need another as theres 4 of us fighting over it haha cheers fe.

  [DELETED] 22:07 02 Nov 2003

it says.i just cant think what i did last time.I just pressed and hoped for the best and 12hrs i got there not this time.

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