Trying to connect Win 98 / Win 95 Win 3.11

  Ex plorer 11:10 10 Feb 2006

Hi I’m tying to connect to the internet.
Setup is BT Voyager 2100, with SafeCom 8 Port 10/100Switch.
All connections are direct Ethernet Cable from the MOBO. (No Cards)
I already have 3 PCs connected direct from BT 2100and 2 from Switch.
I need to set up windows 98 / 98SE. Early Win95 / Late Win95 Win 3.11 Win 3.1.
I have just got Windows 3.0 not sure if that can be connected as I have not loaded this as yet. All versions are connected to separate PCs.
I have all versions of windows and my interest is in the history of what was available during that era. Win 2000 connected fine as did ME but win 98 keeps asking for a modem any help would be appreciated.


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