Trying to close Demon account.

  [DELETED] 14:09 20 Jan 2006

I hope this makes sense to every one.
I had 2 incoming telephone lines. One was used solely for Fax and Broadband. With Faxes becoming rarer I decided to close the broadband line and transfer on to the phone line with Broadband activated.
My ISP Demon said the only way to do this was to open a new account with new hostname, once the new account was up and running I could close my original hostname account and transfer the original hostname to the new account.
The new line was active 15th December, I was told the old account would close after the 7th January within 5 working days, I could then have within 24 hours my original hostname.
It is now the 20th January and the original account is still not ceased,I have spoken to Demon. I know the Service center phone number off by heart having called it that often.
Why should it take so long to close an account? Demon say they have to remove the original hostname from the Server before it can be transferred, is that such a big job? Cannot even get anyone to ring me back, no complaints department.

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