Trying to clone a Hard drive

  kjrider 00:12 16 Feb 2009

Hi there

I have put on Paragon Drive copy 8 and I am trying to clone my Vista Home premium to a bigger HD.

I have put in a blank formatted 160GB HD as the drive to be cloned to, but when I try it comes up in red and says its invalid.

Have reformatted it again, NTFS, but same problem. Any ideas please?


  Peter 00:47 16 Feb 2009


I'm not familiar with Paragon Drive Copy 8, but perhaps the partition or hard drive you are trying to clone to needs to be unformatted. Try deleting the partition on the new hard drive and then try to clone to it again.

By the way, have you taken a complete image backup of the old drive just in case something goes wrong while you are trying to clone it?


  MCE2K5 02:28 16 Feb 2009

When you say "Paragon Drive Copy 8", Is that Version 8.5, As only versions 8.5 and above are Vista Compatable.

  kjrider 07:49 16 Feb 2009

Hi there - its drive copy 8 SE, so perhaps it not Vista compatible.

  gazzaho 07:52 16 Feb 2009

Download the trial copy of Acronis True Image 2009 and use it to clone the disk, you can then decide if you want to purchase it or not. That's what I did.

  kjrider 10:14 16 Feb 2009

thanks Gazzaho - will give it a try.

  muddypaws 15:34 16 Feb 2009

Try this: click here

No fiddling about with bootable media etc.
And dead easy to use.
I assume you want to clone to another internal.
XXClone makes a bootable drive. When you boot the PC it gives you the option ( before Windows starts- which is the best part) to boot from either your C or the cloned drive.
It is free, but to get the incremental version it is about £30.
I used Acronis for some time, but with XXClone you know it has worked as soon as you boot up.
My initial clone ( 90gbs)_ took about 4 hours
but incrementals about 10--14 mins.

  muddypaws 15:37 16 Feb 2009

Sorry for taking up space--- don't think it covers Vista.
May be helpful to someone else.

  kjrider 17:05 16 Feb 2009

Thanks for all the advice.

Well my new Maxtor 160GB came in the post today, so I put it in - and using Paragon, it cloned! Took about an hour.

Had to do a 'repair' before the clone booted up ok, but it now seems fine.

Unfortunatly, I look at 'disc management' it say its 149 Gb, all one partition, healthy, etc.
I click on properties, and it comes up like the original drive, before cloneing, saying 37Gb used and 45GB free!

So, what do i do now?

  kjrider 11:14 19 Feb 2009

Judt to let everyone know, that having trouble with Paragon, I scrapped it and downloaded the free Disc Wizard from Seagate. (It is done by Acronis I believe).

Its free, it has full instructions, and it workd well. I can recommend it.


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