Trying to boot first time

  starlet 16:26 30 Dec 2003

Trying to boot first time on a ASrock K7S8XE MB, with a AMD 2400 with 512 DDR, I get a single bleep, followed by two bleeps, then on the screen it says it has failed twice previously to boot and to press F1 to carry on, pressing F1 takes me into the BIOS setup everything looks okay exit then it shuts off the monitor but the fans are still running have to pull the plug.
Am trying to load Win 2000pro have fdisked and formated 30gig HDD after 2000 has loaded the first lot of files and wants to restart it shuts down and won't restart, I cannot get any further

Any help please?

Regards Starlet

  billyliv 16:37 30 Dec 2003

Hi starlet, Only a quick guess here. Without going into my manuals, if I remember correctly, Two beeps after the post beep is a memory problem. Try re-seating the modules. Before I get torn to strips I shall have a look at the manual and get back to you. Cheers, Bill

  ©®@$? 16:40 30 Dec 2003

if it is one long beep and two short beeps it could be your graphics card

  starlet 17:22 30 Dec 2003

Every thing is new, Have tried refitting Mem and vidio card, cpu and heatsink, still won't work.
Can I ask about the jumpers? I have two sets of three pins.
FSB_SELO 200, 266, 333, 400.
FSB_SEL1 200, 266, 333, 400. Which do I need to short?
FID Jumpers I have fid0, fid1, fid2, fid3, fid4.
No jumper caps came with the board so these are all open?

  Rennaissance 18:16 30 Dec 2003

What about the jumpers, on the drives, i.e. hdd, cd drives, as i know setting them wrong can cause some conflicts.

  billyliv 21:08 30 Dec 2003

Hi, I had a look at your board review click here It may or may not help. Cheers, Bill

  starlet 21:35 30 Dec 2003

The jumpers on the drives are fine no problems there, Had a look at the review did not tell me anymore than I know, the only thing I'm not sure about are the other jumpers i asked about before, Can anyone tell me about them please?

  billyliv 10:19 31 Dec 2003

Hi starlet, Try this one click here. Cheers, Bill

  gold 47 10:45 31 Dec 2003

As has been said this could be your Ram i would say then your graphics are they showing in the bios most importantly the ram if your have handeled the ram chip or chips did you free your self from static this will indeed knock ram chips
out and finish them.

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