Trusteer Rapport and Vista - a warning

  onthelimit1 15:11 14 Nov 2011

I've just had another Vista which blue screened on startup. After trying all the usuals, I noticed TR was installed. Having had a variety of problems with this software on other machines, I uninstalled it. PC now running normally.

  northumbria61 21:29 14 Nov 2011

onthelimit1 - I totally agree with you - TR is nothing more than a nuisance and causes a lot of problems. First suggested by my Bank I thought it was okay but soon found out otherwise. I removed it from my my wife's laptop running Vista but have never used it on my Desktop with Windows 7 Pro 64bit and don't intend to.

  Snrub 08:41 15 Nov 2011

Agree it seems to be a very hit and miss bit of software. Being a bit paranoid about online security with banking websites with good reason I use it but not sure how effective it is. It throws up a weekly report of access denied events but I suspect these are all false positives. Has caused problems of compatability when browsers are updated and rapport does not support new browser version. Go to some length to update it and keep it working but is it worth it? I don't really know.

  onthelimit1 08:57 15 Nov 2011

In my experience, it's only been Vista that's affected. It's strange that in each case, all had been well for months or even years after the download. Whether it's an MS update that triggers the problems or not, I don't know. Effects are various from refusal to update, to various BSODs at various stages of the boot.

  compumac 10:10 15 Nov 2011

It is appreciated that the manufacturs/producers of software do look at these forums and that they do try to assist. Most welcome.

  onthelimit1 10:37 15 Nov 2011

That's really quite encouraging. I'll contact the owner and get him to follow the link.

  mimosa418 16:15 15 Nov 2011

I have tried Rapport on several occasions and found it worked on Win7 but not on XP possibly due to a lower RAM on the XP machine. The final straw was when I found that ESET Smart security would not install with Rapport.So finally gave up and removed it from both machines. rapport support wanted and received all the minidump files they requested but finally wished to have a direct link to my machine which I was not prepared to do. I found no advantage in using rapport which only seems to monitor passwords and tell yo if you use the same password on two different web sites.

  onthelimit1 16:50 15 Nov 2011

Thanks for the info mimosa

  Snrub 00:01 16 Nov 2011

It does warn when you use the same passwords on different websites but my understanding is the purpose of the software is to ensure that the banking website or any other website that you choose to protect enables your intended url not to be diverted from the intended targeted url by rogue software,thereby securing a safe connection. Presumably, banking websites see some merit in using the software?

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