TRUST Mdem install prob w Pack Bell

  User-4CC88CE5-DA27-44EE-A0310A8D232498A3 13:38 21 Oct 2004

Ok this is a longie.
Installed brand spanky TRUST Modem V92 56k into PCI slot in PackBell iconnect da dee da.
Removed old modem card which seemed to have it's own funny little slot.

PC doesn't recog TRUST card.
And will not install new Driver (on CD)
Have tried, via Dev Manager to configure would not let me.
Showed a confict (! symbol) with device originally. HELP suggested I double click on conflicting device and (hoorah) seemed to be able to load the DRIVER from the CD provided.
But now 'MODEM' option has disappeared completely from Devices menu. SO can't even get to the RESOURCES tab (by double clicking as before)
I'm sure most of the help I need is on the internet, but yes, you guessed it, I need to get to friend's 'puter to ask for help!!

Obiwan we need you!

By the way.. running Windows Me (yes, I know!!) so could it be an upgrade is the best solution?
And if so where can I get cheap (on CD obviously cos can't do over web)?

THANX in pulling my hair out anticipation!!

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