TRUST Keyboard and Mouse set

  Andsome 14:30 01 Oct 2003

I have a wireless keyboard and mouse set. Trust 300KD. They were purchased with a new computer in January. Until yesterday everything was perfect. Today however the keyboard has been giving difficulties, in that it has been missing out letters, particularly capitals. The shift key also refused to work at times. New batteries made no difference. I took it back to the shop and it worked perfectly. The shopkeeper changed the channel from one to two and suggested that I tried that. Everything is now perfect, so I have no problem. Can anyone throw any light on this please, just out of curiosity? I have changed NOTHING at all, and installed nothing new. Can something electrical be causing interference on channel one?

  Djohn 15:15 01 Oct 2003

Yes it is possible, even someone next door to you using the same radio frequency can cause this if their equipment is close to yours. EG: Both units positioned against the party wall. Regards. j.

  Andsome 15:26 01 Oct 2003

Thanks. We do not have a party wall with the house on the side where the computer lives. The distance is about twenty feet. The only electrical items upstairs where the computer lives are a telephone base set in the next room about fifteen feet away, and that has always been there, plus a mains electrical clock which has always been there.

  Stuartli 15:59 01 Oct 2003

You might be using a TV remote control in the same room which has affected the settings.

I have the Typhoon Navigator version of Trust's wireless keyboard and mouse (also half or more of the Trust price!) which mentions the fact that you have to configure it depending on whether other infra-red devices are in use in the same room.

The keyboard has to be on one channel and the mouse on the other - they won't work otherwise. It could also be that you may have taken out the cables to the remote transmitter from the case and reinserted them the wrong way.

  Andsome 08:59 02 Oct 2003

Thanks. No TV has ever been in the spare bedroom. Only electrical items as mentioned before. The keyboard worked perfectly since January until a day or two ago. It is absolutely perfect now on Chanel 2 instead of chanel 1, so as I said there is no problem now, I am just curious.

  Stuartli 10:25 02 Oct 2003

Perhaps the channels have inadvertently been switched without you noticing whilst changing the batteries?

  Andsome 13:11 02 Oct 2003

No, when I first took it to the shop, he tested it as it was and all was OK. He then reset the Chanel's and suggested that I try it at home again. It is perfect on Chanel 2. I am just curious as to why I suddenly cannot run the keyboard on Chanel 1 at home now, having done so since January.

  Chris the Ancient 14:58 02 Oct 2003

Anyone walk around the room with a mobile phone in their pocket?


  Andsome 07:42 03 Oct 2003

No. I'm the only one in the house with a mobile. I don't think that I will ever find the answer. The shop who built and supplied the machine is where I took the keyboard for checking. As I said he could find nothing wrong with it, it worked perfectly in the shop. He suggested using channel two instead of one as a first line check. It is now absolutely perfect. As an experiment I have tried it back on channel one, and it plays up as before. This is just one of life's little mysteries. I will do a green ticky to save wasting any more time. Thanks for all your efforts.

  Stuartli 09:24 03 Oct 2003

You have to have the keyboard and mouse on separate channels - you can't run both on the one channel; for instance have the keyboard on channel one and the mouse on channel two with the matching settings on the transmitter.

  Andsome 17:01 03 Oct 2003

They are both on channel two now, and working perfectly.

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