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  Michendi 09:13 19 Jul 2005

Have any of the Forum members purchased products manufactured/marketed by Trust International? click here

If you have I would appreciate your comments - good or bad. I have searched the web but have found very little in the way of reviews of Trust products.

Thanks in advance

  Taff36 09:18 19 Jul 2005

I`ve used their keyboards and mice and there`s no problem. Their products are stocked by many multiple retailers and these tend to be at the cheaper end of the market in my opinion. Their latest products seem to be designed a lot better.

What were you thinking of buying?

  Michendi 13:14 19 Jul 2005

Hi Taff36. I am buying a UPS. Decision is between APC (who have a very good reputation) and Trust.

If you analyse the specification in detail then it appears that for the same money you get a much higher spec with Trust than with APC.

The products that I am looking at can be viewed here :

click here for Trust

click here for APC

  Taff36 14:01 19 Jul 2005

Bit more to consider than a mouse or a keyboard then! I have only ver bought one UPS for a company server. I am not electrically minded and I sought advice from my IT consultant on that one. The problem with a UPS is that you can`t really test it out until a real power cut occurs. Yes we turned off the switch to see what happened but it wasn`t until a real power cut that we found the server went down anyway. I would keep looking for recommendations and if possible find someone who has one who can verify it works, particularly if it is a business application.

  Curio 14:12 19 Jul 2005

I believe. Have one of their multikey keyboards and a Wireless mouse is on the way (birthday gift). Never had a problem with the keyboard. Never yet seen a bad report about their hardware. Good technology at a reasonable price.

  Stuartli 15:16 19 Jul 2005

Some of the products are rebranded e.g. keyboard and mouse sets can be rebadged A4Tech examples (A4Tech is a high quality Taiwanese/Chinese manufacturing company).

Trust products are good and are often available on offer at outlets such as Staples and Maplins.

  Stuartli 15:33 19 Jul 2005

The Portable Quick Battery Charger 441PQ offered by Trust on its website is the same as the Fameart model I have (cost £11.75 in my case) and which is also rebadged by Jessops under its own name.

I also have some Fameart high capacity Ni-MH rechargeable batteries which, in this case, were bought from

  Taff36 15:39 19 Jul 2005

Much the same as my experience but we`re in Uninterruptible Power Supplies here! (UPS) A slightly different kettle of fish! I`m not sure Trust`s experience in sourcing keyboards and mice from the Far East qualifies them for such an important buying decision.

  Stuartli 15:56 19 Jul 2005

The Far East produces the vast bulk of computer components and peripherals bought throughout the world...:-)

Trust supplies a wide range of products, not just keyboards and mouse sets, and is well respected.

It is not the only brand name to rebadge products (no firm can manufacture everything it sells) and you may be surprised what top brand names rebadge other specialist manufacturers' products under their own name.

If you are the slightest bit worried, go to:

click here

  Curio 16:09 19 Jul 2005

Only giving opinion of kit i have and used. As asked by Michendi

  Taff36 16:25 19 Jul 2005

Sorry chaps! Re-read my post and it obviously didn`t come across very well. I wasn`t taking the ....! Like you I`ve only ever assosciated Trust with cheaper peripherals and got no complaints there. This UPS issue to me is like Hotpoint producing dustpan and brush sets but the other way round - the only thing they have in common is cleaning. Michendi needs advice from someone who has actually used a Trust UPS or another manufacturers. No offence meant.

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