Trust GXT Mico Microphone Differences

  PaperMag 03:43 24 Oct 2018

I doubt that anyone would know the answer to my question, but I still had to try. So does somebody know what the differences between the Trust Mico and the Trust GXT 212 Mico microphones are and if there's even any, cuz they seem to be the same exact microphone just in a different colour!

  alanrwood 10:16 24 Oct 2018

Why not ask Trust. You may find that one is just a newer version of the other.

  PaperMag 19:47 25 Oct 2018

They don't have a support page, that's the problem

  wee eddie 21:21 25 Oct 2018

Ìf I remember rightly, Trust is the Badge used by PC World for its 'in-house' products. Look there

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