Trust AMI Cordless Mouse

  Jut 19:33 26 Feb 2005

I am trying to install a cordless mouse with no sucess. The manual asks for all former mouse software to be deleted. How do you this and what happens if this fails and you're left with no mouse at all?
Thanks Jut

  Starfox 20:26 26 Feb 2005

It won't be a problem, it means for you to delete any software for cordless or wireless mice.Just load the new drivers and connect up your new Trust mouse.Even if it all goes wrong you can just plug a standard mouse into the PS2 port and it will work.

  Jut 16:58 27 Feb 2005

Starfox, Thanks for your help. The drivers loaded OK but I think the sender isn't working. I will take it back. My old mouse still works - thanks again.

  Storik 17:08 27 Feb 2005

I don't which version of the Trust cordless mouse you have but I have two versions.

One has a mouse cradle/recharger and is optical, the other is an ordinary mouse with ball.

Both worked without having the drivers installed, I think the drivers are for extra functions.

Check that the batteries are the right way round - I know this sounds insulting but not meant to be.

The version with the ball has a light on the cradle. This is also a switch. Press this and then turn your mouse upside down. There is a tiny little button on the underside of the mouse, which you have to press. (I use a pencil)

The optical mouse has a switch on it. Try changing the channel and see if that works.

Hope this is of some help.


  Starfox 19:41 27 Feb 2005

Just a thought, have you set the mouse and sender to the same frequency,they are not set up when you buy them new?

  Starfox 20:10 27 Feb 2005

Sorry to repeat your posting Storik, I should have read it first. :0)

  Storik 23:20 27 Feb 2005

No problems lol - great minds and all that!


  SEASHANTY 00:04 28 Feb 2005

on the Trust sets with mouse and keyboard the mouse and keyboard work on different frequencies. Also you need batteries in the infra-red receptor box as well as the mouse. I also think the setup instructions also asked for input on which side of the PC the mouse was being used. I gave this set to my sister and she has told me that sometimes the mouse will not work until she presses the small button underneath the receptor box.

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