TrueImage Deluxe - Problem with installation ?

  bloo meeny 22:56 11 Apr 2003

Someone recently recommended the above as a free HD backup program (coverdisk-PCPlus,May2003) ...sorry FE !

Anyway, I've tried twice to install the program and the computer stalls during the following (and any subsequent) boot process.
I've had to uninstall via safe mode, and everything is then back to normal.

It says the CD is tested under Windows 98.
I've not tried any of the other software.
I've checked it for viruses just to be sure.

Is anyone else having difficulty ?
Any suggestions as to what the problem could be ?


  rickf 23:09 11 Apr 2003

Just installed it w/o any difficulty including the trial version of Magix Video. Everything works fine. I am running XP Pro.

  bloo meeny 23:14 11 Apr 2003

Thanks for your response anyway :)

  rickf 23:17 11 Apr 2003

Sorry, I couldn't help but just to let you know. Someone might respond more positively for you.

  AragornUK 10:41 12 Apr 2003

Like rickf, no problems with install under XP. However, I can't get it to image the C: drive. Keep getting "can't image logical drive C: It is being used......" errors. Back to DriveImage I think :o(

  STEVE71163 10:46 12 Apr 2003

I did find that you need a update from their site and then it works fine.

  vinnyT 12:03 12 Apr 2003

This from the acronis faq, it's close to your prob.

When I try to create an image in Windows, I get the following error message: "Cannot create the image of the logical drive D: because it is currently in use by running applications or the logical drive contains bad sectors." where D: is the name of my logical drive.

Your logical drive probably contains bad sectors. We recommend that you perform a full disk surface scan in Windows 95 / 98 / ME by running scandisk.exe, or in Windows NT / 2000 / XP go to the command prompt and enter the chkdsk /R D: command and reboot the computer.

Whenever I try to run the prog, it can't find any hard drives, so until I upgrade to XP, I'll be sticking with DI too.

  scorer 17:46 12 Apr 2003

bloo meeny
I run w98se and could only install it when i clised all other apps. Then to get it to run i downloaded the upgrade from acronis home site.
Hope this helps. S

  AragornUK 19:57 12 Apr 2003


Thanks for that. However, the prog is running on a newly reformatted and scanned HD (got sick of the junk on there) and running XP Pro. Or, I should say, WAS running on this system. After stopping EVERY background task I was still getting the same error, and a surface scan was coming up clean, so bye bye Acronis. Obviously it just did not like my machine.

Seemed like a good prog too.....shame :o(

  cracker23 20:13 12 Apr 2003

I didn't have any trouble installing but it wouldn't create an image.Well,it did(??)but just at the end it came back with "cannot create archive image" and that it might be to due to the media having errors.Tried it again and the same thing happened.So it's off my pc.Oh well never mind ;-(

  STEVE71163 20:41 12 Apr 2003

cracker23 Mine done that 3 times until i downloaded the upgrade and then all worked ok and copied to cdrs. :0)

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