True Image V9

  Pine Man 14:22 23 Feb 2006

I recently ditched Ghost for TI9 and thought I ought to test it out.

My OS (XP SP2) is on an 80GB drive, which I saved to a different drive as an image file and then attempted to restore it to a 120GB drive. I didn't trust it enough to restore it to the original drive!

It worked well and everything appeared to work perfectly apart from NIS 2006 which needed re-activating. XP transferred across seamlessly and DIDN,T need activating even though it was on a different drive.

The reason for this thread is that even though I had restored the contents of an 80GB drive to a 120GB drive the 120GB drive showed up afterwards as an 80GB drive!

Has anybody else restored an image file to a larger, or smaller drive than it originated from and does anybody know how to get back my missing 40GB?

  [DELETED] 15:00 23 Feb 2006

Probably because it images the entire partition, and that's what its copied back. Have a look in Disc Managment and see if there is any unallocated space. It might just need a drive letter allocating.

When restoring an image there are a number of options available, one of which is the partition size you are restoring to. Part of the restore wizard is an option to resize a partition, just by dragging its borders. Doing this should have left you with a separate partiton for the lost 40gb.

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