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  Robbo99 12:46 20 Nov 2008

I have a hard disc partioned, C,f and G. I want to copy the C drive only, and I want it to be bootable, (I don'want to disturb the F & G partionens I want them left intact.) I want the C drive to be able to restore the computer to it's original wokable state with all it's programs intact if things go wrong. I will be Saveing the C drive to an external drive H.
My problem is I am Thick and the help files doesn't help much.
Do I need To use Clone or Backup.

  mgmcc 12:55 20 Nov 2008

As you're backing up to an external drive, you *DON'T* want to clone your "C" drive - you want to create an "image" of it which can then be restored to your existing "C" drive or to a new hard drive in the event of problems.

When you create a backup "image", this will put one or more .TIB files in your external drive. These are the backup that you subsequently restore. You then still have the remaining space in the external drive for other file storage. Cloning would create an *EXACT* copy of your "C" drive, which could create problems if you wanted to use the external drive for storing other files.

When you restore the .TIB backup files, the resulting "C" drive is bootable.

  beeuuem 13:01 20 Nov 2008

Use the Backup. This will copy the partition completely. Should you need to restore it will replace the partition with a copy of 'C' exactly as it was - bootable and all.

  Robbo99 17:39 20 Nov 2008

Thanks mgmcc beeuuem. Got it up and running.

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