True Image 11 - - unreliable verification

  Spark6 16:43 19 Feb 2009

Am I the only unlucky one who, having made a verified backup, has found that it would not install on to a freshly formatted drive? The message that came up when attempting install was 'E00070020 The archive is corrupted'.

Xp Pro SP3.

Having saved this backup to my internal slave drive, and verifying it, I copied it across to an external USB drive and again verified the copy. However, neither would install.

Has anyone else experienced this and how did you overcome it?

  rawprawn 16:53 19 Feb 2009

I would suggest that you log in to your account at Acronis, then go to Support and explain your problem.

  Snec 17:11 19 Feb 2009

Yes, Spark6, I have had this problem but I don't know how to overcome it. I don't think you can but ever since when I take an image, I take one more. I know this makes the job twice as long but that verification nonsense cannot be relied upon.

  Technotiger 17:29 19 Feb 2009

Hmm, surely a back-up is intended to restore an original system in the event of failure - not to install a back-up on a different drive? In the event of catastrophic failure, one would boot with the Restore CD, and then restore the System back-up.

A Clone is intended to copy a System to another drive, in the event of wanting to move the System to a different drive in the event of drive failure, or to move to a larger capacity drive - on the same PC.

I am very tired, had a hard day, but I think I have got my facts right - apologies if I haven't.

  cocteau48 18:43 19 Feb 2009

TI 12 is supposed to allow you to keep workimg while a backup is being taken.
Even though I have upgraded to TI 12 I have never taken the risk.
I have always left the computer untouched while the backup/validation process is running and have yet to have a restore fail on me.

  Technotiger 18:44 19 Feb 2009

Me too!

  Spark6 19:22 19 Feb 2009

There appears to be some misunderstanding here. The backup image I made was stored on my slave disc and copied to my external (as suggested by woodchip in an earlier post). The original master disc was then formatted, the TI 11 disc was used to boot it, and the backup install then attempted.

Snec: I,m not alone then. My next attempt will probably be trying to backup or clone a bare XP SP3 installation to a formatted disc unless someone has a better suggestion. I'm determined to prove it one way or another.

  cocteau48 19:35 19 Feb 2009

I understand completely what you are trying to do and from what I have read on this forum it should work - using the recovery disk to boot into your freshly formatted drive and then recover your image.
On the one occasion that I did attempt this I could not get it to work insofar as the Acronis loader would start and then just stalled.
What I did do was reinstall Windows - installed Acronis - and then subsequently successfully recovered my image.
Of course if your image is corrupt in any way no amount of tinkering is going to get it to restore.

  Spark6 20:33 19 Feb 2009

Having to reinstall Windows plus Acronis before being able to recover an image defeats the object in my opinion. However, I must confess this method never occurred to me. My backup was verified but proved to be unreliable.

  mgmcc 20:45 19 Feb 2009

>>> Having to reinstall Windows plus Acronis
>>> before being able to recover an image defeats
>>> the object in my opinion.

You *DON'T* need to reinstall Windows and then Acronis in order to restore a backup "image" file to a different hard drive. Acronis should restore an image to a hard drive that hasn't been partitioned or formatted - just boot with an Acronis "Recovery Media" bootable CD with the program on and restore the image file from the relevant source, e.g. external hard drive.

  cocteau48 21:08 19 Feb 2009

"Having to reinstall Windows plus Acronis
before being able to recover an image defeats
the object in my opinion."

Under normal circumstances - I agree with you 100%
This was a one off situation where,when booting off the recovery disk,the the Acronis loader just stalled and would not progress.
As a one off (and it only has been a one off )- reinstalling windows/acronis allowed me to recover my image and get me out of a potentially disastrous situation.

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