Troublsome PC at Workplace

  mcheathen 21:56 02 Jun 2010

I've been working with a troublesome during the past couple of weeks. Last week is wasn't too bad after some updates were installed. The past couple days it went back to its troublesome nature.

This can be refusing to start or re-start. Sometimes it stops half way during its post or sometimes noting with happen at all apart from a constant beeping noise. When it does eventually boot up (after several attempts) the blue screen with the blue screen and win32K.sys page-fault in non paged area...etc message, appears after about five minutes.

To the best of my knowledge there has been no new installation of hardware or software. Could there be a driver missing for the memory or what?

  Devil Fish 22:42 02 Jun 2010

usually this sort of error would point to a faulty memory module or slot or a corrupt or missing driver

  mcheathen 22:06 03 Jun 2010

So what kind of driver would it be? I can't find anything on Control Panel/System which shows drivers for the memory.

BTW I managed to get logged on as the Administrator today and after a few updateds the PC worked OK, apart from on crash and 'blue screen' but the error message on the blue screen was different this time. There was no mention of win32K.sys page-fault in non paged area...etc.

  lotvic 00:10 04 Jun 2010

"Sometimes it stops half way during its post or sometimes noting with happen at all apart from a constant beeping noise"

either cpu overheating or ram memory loose or a fan blocked.

Sounds like it needs a good clean out of dust inside and all the inside connections reseating especially the ram modules. It may be a fan is blocked or the memory has worked loose.

  shakeshake 08:05 04 Jun 2010

Judging from the description you've given, I'd say it's a hard drive problem with wither the file system, or the drive itself. Boot into the recovery console (you'll probably need your XP install CD unless the recovery console is installed already). Run chkdsk with the R switch to repair any file system errors. It's amazing what chkdsk can fix sometimes.
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  fishmad pete 08:26 04 Jun 2010

Is there a pattern to the beeping noise? ie Is there short and long beeps repeating a sequence? If so this is a bios error code and will lead you to the defect.
I personnaly think it could be memory related or the graphics card not seated correctly.
What make of computer is it?
what operating system?
Which motherboard does it have?
What bios does it have?

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