Troubles with TV as a secondary screen.

  Hoodedmushroom 09:59 15 Sep 2018

Hello. Iam using a 3 screen setup on my PC, my primary 28" 4K 60Hz Samsung monitor, my secondary full hd 22", and my 3rd, 50" 4k 60Hz TV. Iam using my TV for occasional movie or for when i want to play games from my sofa. On some games i tried to play on my tv, i had no problems, but right now iam trying the new Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The thing is, when i turn on the game, the screen goes like super zoom and turn green, and iam not saying like full green screen with nothing on it, but the game is there, even tho zoomed in horribly, and coloured green :D, how crazy is that. Its all on its native resolution, both my primary monitor and TV (3840x2160). I tried unplug each monitor, didnt help, but i found that changing the ingame monitor frequence to 30hz solves the problem, and i have no idea why, cause it runs smooth on my primary screen with 60hz, or not having it on fullscreen solves the problem as well. Some other games i remember trying didnt have this problem, like most recently Assassins Creed Origins, or the previous Lara, Rise of the Tomb Raider. I would survive this, but for example Youtube, or certain video players are messed up too. When i play any video on youtube, go fullscreen, and move my cursor out of the TV screen to another, BAM! Zoom and green screen. My GPU is GTX 1080Ti. Any idea what can cause this please? Thanks.

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