troubles burning music cd's with new drive

  Beverley Anne 17:51 02 Jun 2005


I using windows 98 SE.
The cd-r/rw drive is Aopen CRW5232/AAO PRO

I have upgraded to a cd-r/rw drive. I have no trouble putting data onto to disc but when putting music it's a differnt matter.

The sound is working fine on the shop brought cds and also tried another cd I did ages ago and that ok too.

As it's the only cd drive on my pc I first save the music to my HD in mp3 format.

I burned to cd like I've always done in the past put the ones I tried to listen today there is no sound at all coming from the cd just burned I finalised the cd so I could play it on my hi-fi
I have done 3 cds all have come out like this.
Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong

This is the first cd r/rw internal drive that I have all the others have been usb type.

I have tried the supplied sofware and also Roxio easy creator 5 with no joy.

thanks for reading this


  PhiltheFragger 18:07 02 Jun 2005

Are you using a CDR or a CDRW disk, with audio always use a CDR.

try burning at a slower speed

Have you actually tried the disks you have burnt in another player?

  iscanut 19:10 02 Jun 2005

As with Phil, I always use CD-R discs as CDRW are unreliable for audio format files.

  Giant68 19:31 02 Jun 2005

Have you explored the CD's on your PC to see if there is any data on them??
Maybe the software you used has not converted the MP3's to wav properly. Or have you ticked the wrong box and just got a simulated burn?
As Phil says, try burning slower. I find that sometimes audio CD's burnt at higher than 16x fail to play, so I always burn at 8x or even 4x.


  Beverley Anne 19:32 02 Jun 2005

Thanks for the quick replies I should of said in my posting that I used cd-r's maxell brand and yes I have tried them in an hi-fi unit and they didn't work.

And while I am posting I used the nero express software that came with the drive and when clicking the burn to button in the data list on screen I see this

"Recording quality my be affected by not using just speed option."

There is a different cd speeds menu I let it choose what to use.

I can't find any word tabs, menus or otherwise call just speed.

I have looked through the tabs and I can't find anything about to enable it I have also checked on the nero website without any luck.

Does anyone know anything about this please or is this only for the retail version and not the supplied software that comes with the drive.

Still pegging along it's not going to beat me!!


  SEASHANTY 20:41 02 Jun 2005

Doesn't Nero have options? Burn MP3 files as data files and burn audio files such as WAV or WMA as audio files.

  Beverley Anne 22:38 02 Jun 2005

Hello everyone

Thanks again for the replies I made had another go at making music cd like I usually do and for whatever reason it work, which I am happy about so hopefully I sorted it out.

All I need to sort out now is this "just speed" thing as any one heard of this? I can't find any box I have to tick to enable it or anything.

Thanks for your time


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