Trouble with Windows Media Player 12 on Windows 7

  erkmatrix 15:41 19 May 2010


I seem to have a very strange and annoying problem on my Windows 7 64-bit version of the Windows Media Player 12. All my music needed sorting and organizing as was a mess in itunes so I downloaded this program called MP3tag v2.46a and it is great for batch editing of tags but when I go into my Windows Media Player the damn thing still stays the same and doesn't show the changes. In windows explorer the changes are mad when you right click and properties but not in WMP. I tried the Tool/Apply media information changes and it took a while but didn't change them to what they should be. Also my view/refresh seems to be greyed out so I can't press this.

Anyone have any idea how to solve this or can recommend a better music/media player/viewer.

I like the way the albums are in shown in the new Media Player but just wish it would change when I make changes.

  tims31 16:21 19 May 2010

Hi junipaire

I've used MP3 Tag, same version and am using Win 7 64 bit and WMP12.

When you have looked up the album art and the title tracks you need to also rename the filename. Under the menu list are a row of icons. The best one to use I find is the "Tag - Filename" icon (red dot on top with arrow pointing to a page). When you click that it opens a window and allows you to select the format(I use %title%-%artist%) wich then names the file "trackname - artist.mp3".

This should then be sufficient for WMP to update the tags. The best way I found was to delete all the tracks from WMP (library only) and then let it refind all the tracks if you have lots to do.

Hope that helps:)

  erkmatrix 17:12 19 May 2010

Oh wow Tims31, you legend, never knew it did that on the taging icon, saved me heaps of time than doing individual songs. Yeah its a pain but better doing it like this than one of those tuneup tiny songs software things that gave me wrong info and tagged my songs wrong. I'm going through each album and adding artwork when its not not there and tagging them all the same, getting rid of dates and composer and naming them correct genres that I want them. Cheers for the info

I'll do what you suggested , is there a setting to just get rid of the windows media player library. I don't want it to delete all my music so have to be careful.

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