Trouble with Virusscanner!

  raffy 15:36 17 Jul 2003

Yesterday morning my printer messed up my System. After a few errormessages I uninstalled the printerdriver. Now I can't deepscan my system. Whenever it comes to C:Windows\option\install\driver5.cap my Virussanner stops. I'm using Ontrack's Systemsuit 4. I also tried MCFEE's Freescan and MICRO's Onlinescan, but the same happen ! I'm using WindowsME. Could anyone give me some Addvice please.

Regards : Max

  Gaz 25 16:27 17 Jul 2003

C:Windows\option\install\driver5.cap delete this file then, see what happens.

  raffy 15:40 18 Jul 2003

Well, I think that is not a good advice , If I delete that file I must format my HDD again. But anyway thank you for your suggestion.

  Jester2K II 17:31 18 Jul 2003

Yes eandomly deleteing files isn't generally a good idea.

However is the file called driver5.CAB??

Try renaming it to driver5.old and then see what happens.

You can rename back it after.

  Jester2K II 17:31 18 Jul 2003

eandomly = randomly

  raffy 01:30 20 Jul 2003

Yes, it's Driver5cap. Well, I'll try that!

Thanks for your help!

  raffy 01:31 20 Jul 2003

Woobs, Drivers5cab

  raffy 00:53 23 Jul 2003

Format HDD again!

  Gaz 25 01:14 23 Jul 2003

You should be Ok deleting this file, but if it causes a reformat, which I did not know, you need to disable the driver from starting up in the first place, then delete.

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