Trouble updating to Jelly Bean 4.1.2

  Phil Ocifer 18:59 08 Dec 2012

Hi, I got a Nexus 7 32GB last month - I've now had at least 3 notifications and failed attempts at updating Jelly Bean from 4.1.1 to 4.1.2 and wondered if anyone else has the same or knows of any reason why it fails?

Perhaps it's down to a certain program installed?

Any hints and tips or good Android or Nexus 7 website links appreciated.

Thanks Phil

  morddwyd 21:08 08 Dec 2012

You might do better in the mobile forum.

  compumac 22:19 08 Dec 2012

Have you tried through Samsung Kies?

  morddwyd 09:04 09 Dec 2012

Does Kies work with a Nexus?

  muddypaws 09:32 09 Dec 2012

Phil Ocifer

Is PCA playing up?

Have posted a reply twice and both haven't appeared.

  muddypaws 09:32 09 Dec 2012

That did!!

  morddwyd 10:02 09 Dec 2012

I noticed last night that they were under spam attack again.

They may have gone into super-protective mode.

  muddypaws 10:20 09 Dec 2012

There was a link in it so you might be right.

  muddypaws 11:00 09 Dec 2012

Phil Ocifer

What I said was ( without links):

Got my Nexus 2 weeks ago and it has updated OK.

Very pleased with it.

Android Central Forums have one for the Nexus.

I can recommend the Boat Browser free from the store. Very user friendly and easy to add bookmarks.

Dice Player ( from store) will play almost all video formats without having to convert them first

to mp4.

Also got a case and stylus for it under £5 from ebay.

  Phil Ocifer 15:36 09 Dec 2012

Hmmm . . to the respondent with no name :) I guess it may be muddypaws but it only shows an envelope here :)

I have just been to HMV and their display model is on 4.1.2. I don't see much point asking the staff as it's all virtually automatic.

Thanks for the note about the forum - I've just taken a quick look and guess I may be there for some hours :)

morddwyd - I think you refer to the "Mobile Phones" forum - well the Nexus 7 is not a phone - although I guess it's like a mobile phone just without the simcard. Shame there isn't a smartphone or tablet forum (yet)!! And seeing as there isn't a laptop or desktop forum I guess all the tech issues can go into Technical.

Anyhow, update not resolved yet so I'll keep looking. Cheers

  compumac 15:52 09 Dec 2012

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