trouble uninstalling steam

  chrissy1 21:01 13 Jul 2011

my son plays football manager on his xbox. Since he played it on laptop the Steam icon appeared. How did it get there? Tried to uninstall through add and remove but a box appears asking if i want to close steam application before Install..I don't want to install at all. Any ideas. My son bought the game from a shop and did not download the Steam Programme.

  northumbria61 22:10 13 Jul 2011

Download and run Revo Uninstaller from here link text Highlight what you want to uninstall from the listed programs and then select uninstall - delete all in BOLD

  chrissy1 23:41 13 Jul 2011

Thanks northumbria worked a treat...gone at last. Now how do i mark this problem as resolved?

  northumbria61 11:18 14 Jul 2011

Now how do i mark this problem as resolved? Click on the grey icon on right hand side of your post and it will change to a green tick.

  gengiscant 11:19 14 Jul 2011

The reason it appeared on your sons laptop is that the game PC game must have needed the Steam client to be installed so that the necessary game files can be downloaded and he is able to buy the game. A great many games are now released via the Steam client even though you you can buy the game from a shop. It really is no big deal having the Steam client installed and if you did not want to see the icon, or have Steam start up when the laptop booted then stopping Steam starting by going to msconfig would have solved the problem.

It is quite likely that your son will buy another PC game which needs Steam in the future but it really is nothing to worry about.

A bit of reading

  chrissy1 13:31 14 Jul 2011

Thanks all. I understand how steam works now. Thanks for info gengiscant.. i will know now for the future...even my son didn't know much about steam.

  gengiscant 13:52 14 Jul 2011

Glad to have been of help. I really must read my posts before clicking,far to many errors for my liking.

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