Trouble with Two Hard Drives

  gplatt2000 18:34 03 May 2003

I ahve now partitioned/formatted two hard drives. Both work fine whan on their own. However, if I run them both together (with master/slave jumper settings correct) a message comes up during boot up saying:
Primary Master - Seagate St......- this works fine. However, another message then comes up saying:
Primary Slave - ATAPI Incompatible.
The slave drive works fine on its own set as master, and is partitioned/formatted. Does anyone know what the problem could be? Thanks in advance, Gavin.

  LastChip 19:01 03 May 2003

First. Make sure you have definitely set the jumpers correctly. Different drives often have different positions for master and slave. There isn't necessarily a common standard.

You don't mention how old the equipment is you are working with. On older cables, it is possible to connect the cable the wrong way around (no key), so make sure the red tracer, is going to pin one on each of the drives and the red tracer goes to pin one on the motherboard. I am assuming you are putting both drives on one cable!

Finally, if everything noted so far is OK, do you have a different (newer) cable you can try. This problem has been known to revolve around a faulty data cable.

  gplatt2000 20:10 03 May 2003

Thanks, I'll have a try. I know jumpers are set correct (refferred to instruction manual) and connecters are correct (I tried all possible connections when the drives were seperate). I'll try use my newer cable. Thanks a lot.

  Lone Crow 20:23 03 May 2003

If no joy with a new cable, try setting both drives to Cable Select, but note that your boot drive should be on the end position of the cable (I think). LC.

  gplatt2000 14:08 27 May 2003

Tries all these, still no luck. Now I cant even get the new HD to work on its own.Any suggestions? Thanks again, Gavin

  -pops- 14:15 27 May 2003

Do you have an operating system installed on the main (C) drive? If not, it may be best to install an O/S with just that one master drive fitted, get it going and then install the slave drive.

I frequently install two drives in machines but always the second one goes in after getting the setup, including the O/S, going more or less as I want it. Never had any problems.


  gplatt2000 14:23 27 May 2003

Yep, I have the OS installed. heres a list of what I did:

1. Made a boot disk and formatted original HD
2. Set old HD as slave and installed new one as MASTER then formatted new and installed windows.
3. Started computer up, Wioindows worked fine. But old (slave) HD not recognised.
4. I tried all the combinations I could thing of of jumper settings, cable orienatatin (since for some reason the new HD was working with the cable the wrong way round (red strip opposite side to power connecter)), even a new cable. Non worked
5. I intalled the HDs as in step 2/3. Now on boot up a message comes up saying
'Primary Master - HDD Error'
'Primary Slave - ATAPI Incompatible'

Any more suggestions? Should i just keep trying? Thanks once more, Gavin

  -pops- 14:32 27 May 2003

It's possible but unlikely, I think, that you may have damaged the drive from the wrong cable orientation.

Did you fdisk and format or just format? (Getting desperate here!!) Try:

fdisk and format (it seems you are not on XP) both disks and start from scratch.

  gplatt2000 14:33 27 May 2003

Its win98, and i just did fdisk. I'll try again tonight andsee what happens.

  gplatt2000 17:36 27 May 2003

Whichever drive I use it says Primary Master HDD error - could t be something to do with the connection at the mobo?

  gplatt2000 17:48 27 May 2003

Also, I cannot format the drive because the hard drive isnt recognised- if i try fdisk a message comes up saying 'Cannot format C as there is no drive present' or something similar to that. Any help? Thanks once more, Gavin

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