trouble with 'Software Distribution Service 2.0'

  gerryp96 17:21 07 Jan 2006

I am running xp and am trying to do a system restore unsuccesfully, every time I try a restore point I'm told it is not posslble. There is something called 'Software Distribution service 2.0' on 2 of the restore points. I mentioned to a friend of mine and he says he has seen the same problem on another forum where a lot of people are having the same problem, they have been deleting this message but it comes back every morning at 3.00am .
Anyone help with problem?

  gerryp96 21:33 07 Jan 2006

My computer is Evesham desktop, the reason I considered restore is because some sites I could access quite recently have stopped working. Thought I would try the system restore but can't get it to work on any restore point. Don't know if it is the fault of this 'Software Distribution Service', Anyone else with knowledge of this?

  gerryp96 19:04 08 Jan 2006

Thanks for the reply VoGm looked at your instructions but 5 and 7 are already selected as you suggested.
Where do I find c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts?. Do I still need to do this in view of the first paragraph?

  gerryp96 20:08 08 Jan 2006

Sorry VoG tried to find that file but can't see it under \system32\drivers\hosts.
When I mentioned not being able to access some files can I expand, I am a member of Nectar reward scheme which some shops ie Debenhams support they give reward points which build up to a money value. Nectar have expanded to include lots of other stores including Play .com who I ose to buy dvd's, I have to access Play by going through eNectar on the nectar site and sign in then go to Play to qualify for the points.
At the beginning of December I could do just this but have recently found that I get the unavailable page, some site eg Amazon are no problem. It was when I was investigating my that I noticed the Software message, I just wondered if this was causing my problem.
Is the Software Distribution Service message genuine and if so why can't I go back to another system restore point, have I got another problem.
I have noticed also that everytime a scan is carried out by Microsoft Antispyware and AVG they come up with same things every time eg
PWS-PINCH and Trojan .downloader.small.popcorn64
and trojan horse
Sorry to dump this on as well but could the problem be connected with these, I keep deleting them everynight but they return on the next scan.

  gerryp96 20:35 08 Jan 2006

thanks VoG i will try it tomorrow, got to go out

  gerryp96 22:31 08 Jan 2006

Hi VoG managed to download the Ewido programme and run it. It picked a few items and deleted them, just run Microsoft Anti Spyware and AVG and nothing has shown up so that might be alright see what happens tomorrow.
Just checked the Nectar site and that still doesn't work so I guess that wasn't the solution for that.
Thanks again VoG

  gerryp96 23:06 09 Jan 2006

Thanks for your help VoG nothing has happened tonight with either Microsoft Spyware or AVG. Fingers crossed !!

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