trouble with photo glossy paper

  lottied 21:43 22 Apr 2012

Hi, I have an epson R340 photo printer, been working fine with normal paper but last few attempts with A4 glossy it just runs the paper through really quickly & prints nothing?! It's a few years old so wondering if it's on it's last legs, or is there an explanation? All settings have been put to glossy etc. Thanks for any input.

  spuds 22:36 22 Apr 2012

Are you trying single sheets or multiple sheet feeding?.

What is the brand name of glossy paper, are you trying to use?.

  Peter 00:30 23 Apr 2012


I have an Epson Stylus Photo R800 and sometimes when I use glossy 280 gsm card it goes straight through the printer with nothing printed on it. I just re-insert the card and press the Form Feed button and it usually prints on the card that time.

As spuds indicates, use only one sheet at a time for best printer behaviour.


  lottied 17:13 23 Apr 2012


Spuds, It's Rymans 240gsm premium heavyweight & it was just a single sheet it rejected.

Peter, thanks will try that when I find the form-feed button?!


  BT 18:01 23 Apr 2012

..when I find the form-feed button..

Usually next to the On/Off button

  lottied 18:21 23 Apr 2012


I've got mem card, speciality print & mode, have found paper feed? Sorry I'm not good at this stuff, it just needs to work or I'm lost!

Did try printing again though, it ran through a blank glossy then printed on the 2nd sheet which was plain. Re loaded with 2 glossy & it printed the 2nd 1 - got a mind of it's own.

  spuds 19:00 23 Apr 2012

Checking over the internet, this problem seems to be well known with that printer, especially if you use ultra premium glossy paper.

I would try Epson support for advice,they may have an answer, but most likely they might suggest that you take the printer to one of their agents, or buy a new printer, if you want to keep using with glossy photo paper, especially if its an old machine.

Changing the drivers might be another idea. I had a problem with one of my Epson's, and Epson support told me to download and use driver's from another model. It worked!.

If they suggest that you use only Epson photo paper, then consider that Epson might not manufacture photo glossy paper?.

  muddypaws 19:32 23 Apr 2012

My Kodak printer was having the same problem. Kodak said it was the print head. Luckily still under warrantee and sent a replacement. Problem solved.

Just a thought.

  lottied 22:18 23 Apr 2012

Many thanks for all your replies. Will try Epson support then maybe another driver, failing that will be back for advice on which model to buy next! Lottie.

  wee eddie 16:32 24 Apr 2012

Just a thought.

It maybe that the Paper that you have chosen is too heavy for the Printer.

Most Printers have a limit on the Thickness/Rigidity of the paper that they can print.

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