Trouble with new HDD Installation XP Pro

  LoneWolf1507 20:47 06 Aug 2006


I have just installed a new 160GB Hard drive on my computer and tried to install Windows Xp Pro.

I have gone through the set up process following the instructions on click here. Formatted the disc in NTFS and then gone through the set up section. When the computer reboots, I leave it to start on it own and it then goes back through the set up process again, rather than starting Windows.

The Hard Drive I have installed is a Western Digital WD1600JB 160GB 7200rpm (8Mb cache). I get the message on start up "Pri Master Disk HDD S.M.A.R.T. capability .... Disabled". This could be a problem, any idea's on sorting this out?

Also looked on click here, under their starting points they mention the bios. "If you are running a system with an older bios that does not support LBA mode for large hard disks and are using some sort of disk manager or overlay program like EZBIOS so your hard drive can be recognized, please consult the program's documentation for instructions." My computer was mad for me 4 years ago, with a 80GB HDD, so possibly my bios might be to old to handle newer larger HDD's. How can I find out if this is the case and up grade it if it is?

Thanks for any help.
Andy Richards

  andrew-196854 21:17 06 Aug 2006

just a thought i take it you have checked your jumpers and that it is set to master,

  Rigor mortis 21:28 06 Aug 2006

Have you removed the CD-ROM?. You might be booting from it.

  phono 21:36 06 Aug 2006

"Pri Master Disk HDD S.M.A.R.T. capability .... Disabled"

SMART stands for Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology, that option is enabled in the BIOS, I think it is usually to be found under the Advanced settings or Integrated Peripherals options .

What service pack is your version of Windows?

  Strawballs 21:47 06 Aug 2006

Is this the only HDD or have you added it to your existing set up. If the later have you(as suggested earlier) set the jumpers to master and the old one to slave if they are on the same IDE lead. You should not need to format the drive first because there is an option in the installation to do this.

  LoneWolf1507 22:47 07 Aug 2006

Hi Dibblydufuss

I believe I have the jumpers in the right place I will check in the morning.

  LoneWolf1507 22:49 07 Aug 2006

Hi Rigor mortis

I have just tried booting without the CD-ROM in the machine ad get the error message. "Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk and Press Enter".

  woodchip 22:49 07 Aug 2006

You should not need to Format the drive as XP should do it all if you Boot from the XP CD

  LoneWolf1507 22:51 07 Aug 2006

Hi Phono

I believe my version is Service Pack 1.

  LoneWolf1507 22:54 07 Aug 2006

Hi Strawballs

I have only the one drive connected, I did have a secod one fitted but that booted first and the new drive wasn't shown on My Computer.

It looks like the Jumpers might be in the wrong places. I will investigate more tomorrow.

  LoneWolf1507 22:57 07 Aug 2006

Hi Woodchip

The drive was formatted at the start of the attempted installation. Being a 160GB drive it didn't give me the option on FAT32.

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