Trouble with Nero

  Bronga 18:58 01 Feb 2004

I use Nero 5.5 to burn Folders from my Hard disk to a CD-R
I burned some Photographs on to a CD-R last week and the whole process was successful and I had no difficulty in reading them. However I decided to include more folders on the same CD since there was sufficient space available. I now find that I am unable to read the first burn and the CD will only show the folders on the second burn.
I run Windows XP home. Can anyone tell me where I went wrong since I was under the impression that a CD-R can not be overwritten.

To add insult to injury I decided to delete the photos from my Hard drive thinking that they would always be available to me on the CD

  Pesala 19:30 01 Feb 2004

It may be that you forgot to close Session 1.

  james55 19:50 01 Feb 2004

I would agree with Pesala,

I know it is too late now but I always make sure I have backup until the disc is full and checked ok before deleting anything.

PS. you seem to have two threads the same going here.


  Bronga 20:54 01 Feb 2004

Teach me to read instructions more thoroughly in future!

I seem to have read somewhere that software is available to retrieve deleted files. Is there such a thing or did I dream it!

Thank you all for your responses.

  Cook2 00:27 02 Feb 2004

IsoBuster. Download the demo. I bought it and retreaved 85% of the pictures I thought I had lost. click here

  DWANE PYPE 15:39 02 Feb 2004


I thought that this had happened to me as well, but if you go to My Computer, right click your CD drive,properties, click the Volumes tab, a list comes up with whats on the disc, click on what you want to open( this puts a tick by it, so the next time you open the CD it opens on that), tick apply, click O.K. close it, and open your CD, and it should display it.

Hope this helps.


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