trouble with modem - can't connect to Internet

  prozac1947 13:11 22 Mar 2003

Just had new tower built, it's been back 5 times, more than one problem. Huge problem cannot get through to Internet - loads of different error messages.
Can't detect modem/no drivers installed for modem/modem not installed properly - is it plugged in/insert Intel Ambient disc/failed to load (a lot!!)Internet Wizard - and numerous others.
The disc he gave me was Fax Modem 56k by Mentor. Every time I try to re-install ,using this disc it just offers Intenet Explorer (when I put this one in loads of "can"t install message - seems to mention dll a lot) Yahoo Messenger/Netscape etc.
I looked to see what make the modem was and it says Intel!!!
I am totally confused so can anyone advisr me what to do- it's pointless contacting the person who built it as he's had enough chances.

  Forum Editor 13:26 22 Mar 2003

inside the case at the modem?

Does it exist?

Is it inserted properly?

Which operating system is running on the computer?

  Forum Editor 13:29 22 Mar 2003

that normally this is the responsibility of the person who built the machine - it's up to him to present you with a computer that works properly, and that includes a modem that dials up correctly.

I'm assuming that you've paid this person in full, and that you didn't see the modem working before that point? You say it's pointless contacting the person involved, but really you should be making a monumental fuss with him over this.

  prozac1947 14:31 22 Mar 2003

I have looked inside to check the make and it is there with an Intel sticker. Whether is it installed properly?? I have to admit I can't tell - would it help if I looked inside my old one to see if they look the same ?????????

Yes he has been paid in full - he is my friend's husband who has just started out in computers - each time I 'phone he sighs and says it worked when he had it there!! I've never actually seen it working!!! He brought it back 2 days ago sat here and tried to get through to the net, I had to go out. He left a message saying he got it working - on the screen were 2 messages to insert the Intel Ambient disc and an Illegal operation message !!!!!!

  graham 14:47 22 Mar 2003

'Just started out in computers' says it all! Take it round and ask for your money back. If he agreed to build it for you and buy the parts then it is his responsibility to get it working. You could tell him to come on here for advice, and when it's fixed you could buy it off him. I know this is no help to you and you are anxious to get it working, but it sounds like a serious problem that possibly cannot be resolved without expert hands-on.

  woodchip 15:23 22 Mar 2003

On the modem disc that he as given you,have a look at the folders for driver files it also depends on Operating System it should be win9 or somthing like that there will be a setup file also

  prozac1947 20:34 22 Mar 2003

I found (in device manager) a yellow question mark with "unknown device" - i already had modem disc in drive from before. When I clicked on unknown device it was modem - ran it - fixed it !!!
I also found the answer to the problem that there was no sound from cd's and fixed that too. I shouldn't have had to "fix" either of these things after paying over £400 for a new tower - we live and learn.
Thanks to all.

  beeuuem 20:49 22 Mar 2003

Although not the easiest way to learn- and you shouldn't have had to- when you have to do it the hard way you do remember what was done. And it takes away some of the mystery. I can still recall the relief of first installing devices/programmes and finding that not only did the world keep on turning but the computer still worked as well!!

  graham 20:53 22 Mar 2003

Well done from me, too. I think you should be the one building computers!

  woodchip 22:37 22 Mar 2003

That is the problem with most of the back street computer builders the do not load drivers

  Gaz 25 00:24 23 Mar 2003

Who built the system?

Download the drivers from mentors website.

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