Trouble making AVG Rescue Discs.

  Wak 17:10 06 Aug 2003

Hi, Running Win 98Se and IE6.
Is anyone else having trouble with making the AVG Rescue discs???
AVG is working as it should.
AVG Updates are downloading and self installing OK.
Floppy disc Drive is apparently working as it should. Floppy Drivers seem OK.
According to the Device Manager, everything is working well (no yellow Exclamation marks).
However, when it comes to Updating the Rescue discs, Disc No 1 is updated OK (14 files) but Disc No 2 is checked for space then a box appears telling me that the AVG Rescue Disc was not created.
I have uninstalled then re-installed AVG Free Version, tried numerous different floppies (all of which work as No 1 disc but not as No 2 Disc).
I am initially assuming that a file (or files) is missing or corrupt which the No 2 Disc needs.
Could some kind soul please assist by telling me what files are on the No 2 Rescue disc for AVG.
Many thanks in anticipation.

  jocklad 17:28 06 Aug 2003

Have had exactly the same problem.

  krypt1c 18:34 06 Aug 2003

A search on google found click here

  Wak 20:03 06 Aug 2003

Thanks for the response, Jocklad and Kryptic.
The problem started a few days ago and AVG had been installed and working OK for over twelve months so it can't be due to a newer version.
I've read the link to the Naked PC and had already tried quick Format and Full Format Floppies with the same result.
There's no problem getting the first disc to load, it's the second disc which just won't start loading.
If anyone with Win 98SE can tell me what files are on the second disc it would be very much appreciated.

  Wak 20:07 06 Aug 2003

A quick question for you.
Can you make an ordinary Boot-up disc through Control Panel/ add,remove programs/ make Start-up Disc????

  jocklad 20:40 06 Aug 2003

Will check and get straight back to you.

  jocklad 20:55 06 Aug 2003

Created new boot problem.

Thanks I needed a new one.

Can only assume there is a fault in the

AVG download.......?.

  Wak 21:06 06 Aug 2003

Thanks, I asked about the Boot disc as I couldn't make one until I'd put the Win 98 CD in for the Command. com and I thought it may have had some connection with the problem.
Like you, I'm inclined to think it was something to do with the downloading of the up-dates which can sometimes be a bit on the slow side.
I'll keep using it for protection anyway for the time being and let you know if I find anything further.
I wont tick it yet as I'd still like to know what files are on the second disc.

  Jester2K II 21:08 06 Aug 2003

I've not been able to make any rescue disks since updating to XP!!

Written to Grisoft 3 times - no resolution. XP reloaded - no fix, AVG reloaded - no fix.

  Wak 18:49 07 Aug 2003


Could any one with Windows 98SE PLEASE check and let me know what is on the second Rescue disc of AVG??? It might help to get this problem sorted out.
Thanks in advance.

  WillyDR 19:39 07 Aug 2003

Answer is AVG6.AVI and test.txt, latter one is empty...
Hopefully this solves your problem !


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