Trouble loading SP 2 onto Mesh

  rawprawn 15:57 21 Aug 2004

I downloaded SP 2 (saved to disc) and loaded it onto my computer no problem. (I was running SP2 RC2 Beta)I copied it to a CD and tried to put it on my friends Mesh Matrix. I goes through all the motions correctly and when it reboots it has definately got SP2 loaded, but as it gets to destop it crashes with a blue screen which can't be read before it goes black. We have tried 3 times all with exactly the same result. My friend has emailed Mesh support but has had no reply whatsoever. Anybody with any ideas, or similar experience.

  rawprawn 17:08 21 Aug 2004

Thanks VoG™, Recovery is not a problem, Ive done that three times. What I really need to know is what is making it crash, and how to avoid it. When it reboots The "Egg timer" is blue as it should be and when it's loading it says SP2. So I am certain it's loaded. There is no problem or warning when actually loading SP2 from the disc, it goes through inspecting files, configuring etc as though there is no problem. Then when it gets to desktop, Crash.

  rawprawn 17:40 21 Aug 2004

Thank you again, no I haven't tried your suggestions,but they certainly give me a new thought. He insists on having his Palm top connected all the time and it has caused problems in the past, perhaps this might be the problem. However if I start from scratch and then load SP2 it will be interesting to see what happens. It will be tomorrow at the earliest before I can have another try, please bear with me.

  rawprawn 08:08 22 Aug 2004

No, my friends computer didn't have SP2 beta on it.It was a clean installation onto XPSP1. I had SP2 RC2 beta installed on my machine and then installed SP 2 with no problems at all, It runs like a dream.

  rawprawn 13:01 22 Aug 2004

Not yet, It will be Monday/Tuesday before I can get back to his computer. Did you untick most of the start programs in msconfig as well as disconnecting the peripherals ?

  rawprawn 13:32 22 Aug 2004

If disabling the start up programs doesn't work I will try disabling the services, but as I said it will be next week now.

  rawprawn 15:20 22 Aug 2004

Please let us know how you get on, what model Mesh?. I can't remember what this one is I will have a look when I go.All I can say is it was very expensive around £1800 and it's a Mesh Matrix ???

  rawprawn 16:55 22 Aug 2004

Thanks I will check his model, as a matter of interest how do you get into safe mode on Mesh, is it through F11, I tried the normal F8 but that didn't work, and my friend doesn't want me to press F11 because Mesh support told him it would put him back to factory finish and he is scared of losing files. I don't believe that to be true but it's his computer and like yours only about 6 months old.Did you turn off all services? and could you check this for me. In msconfig Boot.ini press check all boot paths to see if they are OK

  rawprawn 08:16 23 Aug 2004

Thanks for that I have Regseeker, I will put it on his machine and have a look, can you offer any tips as to how to find out if it is a driver, and if so which one.

  rawprawn 08:54 23 Aug 2004

He emailed twice last week, and there has been no response. He tried to phone their helpline, and couldn't get through after holding on for about 15 minutes.

  rawprawn 09:18 23 Aug 2004

Thanks for that I will email him that address now.

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