trouble with internet

  ali888 02:15 26 Apr 2006


I need help with my network here.

I have a broadband modem router connecting to the internet. And i also have a few IP addresses i bought from my ISP.

There is one PC used as a web server hooked up to the modem with IP address of e.g. And i also have a couple of PCs hooked up to the modem via a router with different IP address of Everything works fine so far.

What's happening is that i notice that i can't get to the internet at all on the web server PC after a few hours later. When this happen, i tried the other PC that's connected to the other router and the internet was working perfectly.
What i did to get the internet working again was to either re-boot the computer or re-enabling the network connection via control panel.

My broadband modem router has IP address of as a gateway. I have ethereal software running on my web server PC. From the result of ethereal, i noticed that there is only a few ARP packets. it was asking who has but there is no response from the modem router.

Does anyone know what may be causing this? I suspect the network card but am keen to hear from the expert like you guys.

Thank you in advance.

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