Trouble installing progs in ME

  IClaudio 17:08 18 Aug 2003

A friend, who is even less computer-literate than I, is having trouble and wants me to help sort her out.

Although her son has been playing FIFA2003 successfully under ME, she Uninstalled it a few weeks ago (from Add/Remove programs) and now can't ReInstall it. The Icon appears on the desktop, but the program refuses to run. She can't Install anything eles either. Worringly, no programs at all now appear in the Add/Remove list.

Is this a virus (she Uninstalled Norton some while ago and seems to have been practising unsafe surfing for a while...)?

My first inclination is to reInstall ME after saving important data, but should I look at anything else before taking that step?

Any pointers gratefully received!


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