Trouble installing extra memory

  millro-2 17:01 17 Oct 2008


I have the Acer Aspire 9512AWSMi which has virtual memmory of 2GB and the chance to update to 4GB. Recently I purchased 2 x 2gB cards to fit into the two slots which have at the moment 1GB cards in both. When I did this I turned on the computer, and after going through the set-up the screen stayed blank. After this I took one of the cards out and tested with the 1 x 2gb card and the computer started normally. What is the problem? Someone suggested that bios settings should be changed, but when I went to the bios page the bios wouldnt let me alter the settings of Virtual memory???? any suggestions? Is there a hidden bios section somewhere and how to get to it? I am lost.


  MAT ALAN 17:13 17 Oct 2008

which has virtual memmory of 2GB!!!

Virtual memory IS NOT actual memory in the sense of the word

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I think you have been misled into thinking your PC will hold more memory than it is actually capable of.
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use the advisor tool in the link it will tell you exactly what you have and what you can upgrade to...

  millro-2 17:20 17 Oct 2008

Thanks MAT ALAN, I tried the link which you suggested and came up with the following information. So it seems that my computer is ok for an update.

Chipset: Intel 945PM
Maximum Memory: 4096MB
Standard Memory: 512, 1024 or 2048MB removable
USB Support: 2.x Compliant
Slots: 2 (2 banks of 1)

  MAT ALAN 17:33 17 Oct 2008

How do the specs of the memory you have bought compare to the specs shown by crucial, you may have bought sticks that are not compatible, the sticks may be damaged or corrupt.
I am assuming you have Vista 32 bit vista or 64 bit Xp will only see 4 gigs..

  MAT ALAN 17:55 17 Oct 2008

millro-2 sorry bud i have to go, i will look in to see how your doing over the weekend, but i am sure someone else will take on your task if your still having problems...

  millro-2 17:55 17 Oct 2008

I have windows Xp 64bit which should recognise 4gb, and the modules which I bought both work because I have tried both of them seperately, with no problem. Wondering should I have to update my bios.

  millro-2 18:00 17 Oct 2008

Thanks Mat, I am in no rush. I was in fact suprised to get such a quick response.

  millro-2 19:02 17 Oct 2008

Is there a way to get throuh o the hidden bios?? or isnt there such a yhing. Another thread told me to alter the bios so the laptop will recognise the extra memory, but I dont know how?

  MAT ALAN 18:41 19 Oct 2008

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Still at it then!!

Updating your BIOS if done wrong can render your PC useless, if you are happy to do so the link will help...

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