SolvaCollective 14:09 11 Jun 2003

Hi can anyone help.

Ive set up a form for my set as far as i know everything is correct. But when I go to test it instead of e-mailing the results it just opens up the write e-mail box in my isp with my email address in the send to box. Also the reset button isnt working help?

  slowhand_1000 15:06 11 Jun 2003

That sounds right regarding the email, don't forget that the end user will have the same thing happen. Their email client should open and your email address will be in the 'send to' box.

With the reset button, is the button within the boundary of the form and not outside it ?

If you highlight the button, then view the html code, it should look like this

<input type="reset" name="Reset" value="Reset">

I can't tell you how to navigate to view the html code in Frontpage because I use Dreamweaver. But I would imagine it is in your view options.

By the way did you get the border sorted out ?

  SolvaCollective 15:22 11 Jun 2003

But the forms work, are they fill in the fields of the form then send it. Then I should get the results in an email. Obviously I was just creating a link to my email address for them to send email that would be fine but as its like an actually questionare I need to have the results to my email account. Hope Ive made it a bit more understandable now. Thanks

  SolvaCollective 15:25 11 Jun 2003

PS As for the border (thanks for asking)all i did was just expand the area that the border would cover in my paint application and used it there. So the image has just been expanded. It takes more space in the browser but still works.

  tbh72 19:24 11 Jun 2003

If you look at the HTML code, you will notice a line which look's / starts like this......

<form method="post" enctype="text/pla........

You need to change this code to look like this replacing EMAIL with your actual email address.

<form method="post" enctype="text/plain" action="mailto:EMAIL">

This when then forward the content of the form to your email address.

  Forum Editor 20:13 11 Jun 2003

(in blank space, not one of the fields) and select 'form properties'. When the dialogue opens you'll see that you can specify what happens to the form results. You can choose to have them sent to you by email in addition to the FP default - which is to store the results in a special file on the server.

Take a good look through the options and ensure that you've specified your requirements correctly. When you've made your alterations, upload the changes to the server and then try the form ON THE SERVER - not on the copy you have on your hard drive. My reason for saying this is that you probably don't have the FrontPage extensions installed on your computer, and the form will not work without them.

  SolvaCollective 17:20 12 Jun 2003

This is the nearest I have have to that libe in my HTML CODE

<form method="POST" action="mailto:[email protected]" enctype="text/plain">

I also have the same line saying get. So where abouts do you think your command will fit in?

  Forum Editor 17:36 12 Jun 2003

what I suggested last night?

Do that before you start altering any HTML. If you follow my suggestion you'll be able to specify a whole raft of options for form results.

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